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If I used win10 for gaming but had a virtual machine inside win10 running Linux and used it for grey hat hacking would I still be able to be tracked? I don't know whether to downgrade to Windows 8 or keep doing what I'm doing which is that.

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If you are talking about being tracked by Microsoft, then there's a bit of explaining to be done here. First of all, by using your Virtual Machine (VM), you are not hiding your activities from your host OS, but rather the opposite.

For example, if you get a virus on your main OS (Windows 10), your VM is no longer 'safe harbour', however if you gain a virus in your VM, your host is still protected (in most cases).

The thing is that, whatever you are doing in your VM has no effect on your main OS, but it does the other way around. Since your VM is using hardware and software resources from its host (i.e. your main OS) just like any other application, your OS is able to view and analyse its activities.

So to answer your question: yes, Microsoft is able to (not sure if it does though) spy on the activities going on within your VM. Very unfortunate, but what can you do..... (*cough* switch to Linux *cough*)


Yes, on my Windows 10 antivirus actually blocked Microsoft IP address!

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