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I am trying to access windows 7 64bit form my win 7 64bit machine..both are in work group..
i am trying to access as below process
when i use net use \\computername\IPC$ /user pass

and then i opened computer management and connect to remote computer i can see and browse users and computers and users.when i enable Administrator account it says access denied.. if i open services it says access denied..

i am using a account to connect to remote computer is part of administrators group in remote pc
remote Management is enabled and remote registry is disabled in remote pc..

I there any way to start and stop remote services with IPC$ share access,i used sc command and it says access denied,i cant not access ADMIN$ as well

i can not found any exploit for windows 7.

please hep

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I stared at what you wrote like this for a while:

Do you have admin privileges for doing that?
Are you trying to do a privilege escalation to 'admin' in Windows 7?
Is it password protected?
Do you know the password?
Have you tried using "getsystem" on Metasploit?

Have you tried doing this? :

Maybe you wont find stuff related to IPC, as this forum focuses on the use of Kali/Backtrack, but you'll find some Win7 related exploits there.

yes i have target system username and password.

and i am not finding any useful exploits for win7 and 8..

i found some, but those exploits works only when target system user responds,is there any exploit works like win-xp netapi without victim user interaction..

are there any exploits which will work with target system username and password who is part of administrators group..

i have only problem with UAC which is blocking me..

please let me know..

i am ready to pay if i get any good solution for this..

How does UAC block you if you have admin privileges? Ugh, nevermind.

From what I understood, you may want to set a Meterpreter on the victim's machine with Metasploit... I don't know what kind of exploit you want to do, but this gives you many possibilities. Do a bit of research of what you can do with that, and you may find it is what you want to do.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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