Forum Thread: Windows 7 Retrieve User Account Passwords

I have a pc that has two accounts. Administrator and Admin, I have access to the Administrator account but not the Admin account I made it a long time ago and forgot the password. Is there a way to retrieve that password. I have Administrator access.

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3 Responses

If you have admin access, you can easily reset the password to whatever you want and then login as "Admin".

  1. Start
  2. Run
  3. compmgmt.msc
  4. Expand Local Users and Groups & Click Users
  5. Right-Click the "Admin" User
  6. Click "Set Password..."

I know I can reset the password. But i want to figure out the password the Admin account has. I know I can use Kali to grab the hash and use hashcat but that will take long and I doubt there is a word list that has that password.

you can use ophcrack and it will crack the hash, showing you what the password is.

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