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Hi comrades, my online name is Dark0, before i start doing some kind of crap, i would like to know if you guys are intrested in some, let's say "Windows Hacking series", wich will include the following categories/phases:

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  1. Creating Windows 7/8/8.1 Backdoor/Virus (Using Veil-evasion);
  2. Binding the "Virus" so it looks like a Legit EXE file;
  3. Setting the router to handle outside connections;
  4. Migrating process, moving within different processes on the system, so we don't lose the connection and Escalating Priveleges;
  5. Enable persistance (Computer will connect on boot);
  6. Set up multi/handler for more than one connection.

Thanks, and tell me, whenever you guys can...

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There is a bunch of articles/videos here and on YouTube that cover all the phases you are going to talk about so instead of repeating these tutorials I suggest to do something new for example:

How to disable AV after compromising the system - I know about killav.rb but it doesn't work anymore - so we can use scripts like: persistence, vnc, metsvc etc... because as long as the AV is on they will get caught.

There is a play list on YouTube with the same phases you wrote in here so in case someone want to take a look on it without further waiting here is it.

Excuse me if I sound rude but this is my opinion. Thanks

No you weren't rude, i made this to know if you guys were interested, it was like a proposal. So i'll try to write a article about disabeling AV after compromising the system.

Thanks for the reply, waiting for more...

About the killav.rb, i know why it doesn't work, it's because after the script runs, the av stops, in the other hand it will will automaticly start (The AV) the service again, but tomorow i will make a article, of how to do it in another way...

Thank you for your understanding and I really appreciate doing this tutorial because the AV (especially Avast) ruined my life and I tried everything with it from deleting the AV folder, Kill processor and every tutorial I found on the web but I always get access denied like it has some kind of power that won't let me remove it :P. I'm looking forward to see your tutorial tomorrow.

Good luck and keep it up.

Ok, i will try, but i will have to setup the lab, but at max it will be ready in sunday.

I'm glad you are contributing! Null Byte visitors can always use a new perspective on hacking. I'll be reading this. :)

hello all,ime adriaan from hartbeespoort,south africa and ime feeling very privelaged to be poking around on null byte. i accidentaly stumbled across this site and as luck has it, ime also very intrested in certified ethical hacker. Can someone please advise me on the correct route to apply here for certification, does one pay,how much, where etc

many thanks


To get started in anything computers you should first learn your operating system, in this case for you linux will be your operating system of choice.

After learning how to use various command line tools like grep, md5sum, locate, and the filesystem etc. you should learn networking to learn how computers interact with each other, scripting will come into play as well as you learn more about your OS.

Follow OTW's various tutorials, along with other members tutorials. To find things to study for use the wonderhowtoo search bar and put a word like recon, or sniffing. This will keep you buisy for time to come, and let you know if you even want to pay money for a certificate in case you don't like computers.

great to walk through that

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