Forum Thread: Windows Meterpreter "Can't Run on Your Version of Windows"

Windows Meterpreter "Can't Run on Your Version of Windows"

Hi everyone. I've been trying to learn through the tutorials here on null byte but I ran into an issue. I used msfvenom to create an exe with a windows meterpreter in it. When I ran the program on my computer running windows 10, it said "This program can't run on your version of Windows." Does anyone know why or how I can fix this? Thanks.


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null Password Hacked!

check which architecture was used to create the exe in msfvenom because it was probably x86 and your windows 10 is probably x64.

you can use a x64 payload:
set payload windows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_tcp for example

Hey, you can use Veil Evasion :D. OTW has some tutorials, but he has left us :( i wish him the best

Yeah I'm really upset about OTW. His tuts were awesome. I got the notification that it cant run to go away by using a 64 bit version of the program but now it's giving me the alert "The application was uable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the program." I did a google search on this but I couldn't find anything meaningful.

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