Forum Thread: Windows Start Menu Not Loading

Now I know that his isn't exactly the place to talk about random Windows things but the reason I think that my start menu isn't working is because when I was in Kali linux ( dual booted) I mounted my Windows hard drive. It said it couldn't be mounted and to enter a command to make it able to be mounted. I entered the command and it could mount. I don't know for sure if this is what caused it but I thought I would ask the Null Byte community for advice on this problem.

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5 Responses

Never mind it fixed randomly.

Oh wait, it stopped working again.

I need more information.

Which version of Windows are you running?

What exactly happens when you hit the Windows key?

Can you provide screenshots showing the reported error?

If I'm to help you; I always want more information. It's key to resolving an issue.


I'm running windows 10. Whenever I click on the windows key this pops up.

Image via

I've tried signing out so many times without success that now I just restart explorer.exe to make it go away.

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