Forum Thread: Wireless Adapter Fixes Virtual Box

I'm about to get a wireless adapter but I'm not sure it will fix my issue with MiTM. I've heard that you need a wireless adapter to perform mitm on virtual box, so that's why I'm getting one. Any protests before I buy this thing? thanks

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Actually, MiTM should work the same, even with a virtual machine (maybe it's a settings problem). The only reason why you need to buy a wireless adapter is to inject packets. Try with a live Kali first!

Well I don't exactly know how to make a live kali. Here is my settings.

Thanks for the help, guys. I really want to do this MiTM attack on my virtual machine but its really just not working. I tried every forum I could, and I want to know if it will possibly work when I get a wireless adapter and have access to my "wlan0". For those that don't know the problem, I basically do everything correctly on wlan0 using my target and the router ip, and then end up killing the connection between my target and the router rather than sniffing it.

UPDATE: I don't know what happened. But now I can't do anything with my kali linux networking. I tried to make a phishing page with setoolkit. Didn't work. And now when I do MiTM attack, it says the arpspoofing started, and I can connect to everything on my target computer, but nothing comes up on my kali. My kali is not communicating with any other hosts.

You use ettercap right? Btw, I had your same problem and ended up using a live CD, I am currently working on what might have caused the problem.

I would gladly make a live CD, but I just don't know that much about it. How do I boot the live CD? Do I turn off my computer, put the cd in, and turn it on?

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