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Whats the most secure wireless router on the market today??

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Wrong question.

The security of your router mostly depends on your passwords. Not too many exploits are carried out on routers. I would have to say, however, that Cisco Linksys routers seem to be the most vulnerable.

Look at this...

i meant, thanks for the "link!" lol

Most router passwords are just cracked, as that's much easier to do.

maybe i should change the wording of my question so its not "wrong." As a security professional, if you were going to buy a new wireless router, which router would you buy?

Most routers are running ancient, ridiculously vulnerable firmware that remains unpatched.

If you're that nuts about security; don't use a router at all.

Can't you upgrade that firmware? i do it so many times

i know you might've just been kidding, but connecting your PC straight to the internet isn't also the smartest thing one can do ;)


Yes you can; if you do it yourself. There's no vendor support though; that's what I was saying.

No, I wasn't kidding. There's nothing wrong with connecting directly via modern, in fact, it will give you a more stable connection. The only thing a router does is send out a wireless signal for devices to connect wirelessly to the modem. There is no inherent security benefit to using a router.


you can download official .bin firmwares from Cisco. i don't know if this is the case with other router manufacturers, though. Cisco even has a Tutorial on how to upgrade their routers. (i picked the E1200 because it seems to be the most common Linksys router where i live).

also, aren't routers also responsible for port forwarding? which, if you don't have a router and connect directly to the internet, basically puts every service that is running on your computer visible on the internet? because that is where i got the idea of "connecting your computer directly to the internet is dangerous". if the modem is responsible for port forwarding, my life has been a total lie. (especially following the fact that i forward all my ports using my router)

i hope to get some answers because i'm quite confused right now :p


  1. Buy cheap used compatible router.
  2. Stare at it, like you are mad at it.
  3. Download and install DD-WRT Maxi bundle.
  4. Then configure it to squeeze the life out of the network.
  5. Set up VPN in Router.
  6. Wonder why you never used DD-WRT before.
  7. Turn off WPS
  8. End zone dance to gundam style...
  9. exit 0

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