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Hi! I have a Alfa AWUS036NHA which usually shows as wlan1 on my kali linux 2019 install. I have just updated and upgrade as usual using root. Now I find the usb adapter shows as wlx with a number and not wlan1. I can no longer connect to the internet. The light on the adapter stays constantly on. The adapter still works ok in windows 10. I have gone through the same process on both my thinkpad t410 bare metal install and on my main PC in a VM. The adapter show wlan1 ok after a fresh install but after update / upgrade no longer shows wlan1 but wlx######### (where # shows a number, possibly mac). I tried my other USB dongle and get the same result. The internal wifi shows ok as wlan0 and connects to the internet ok. Any help? Thanks!

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hey, i have solved this mac based wlan naming problem. just do this:
1) open your root terminal
2) copy /paste this: ln -sf /dev/null/etc/systemd/network/
3) hit enter
4) restart

Problem solved. Do not update or upgrade in few days. Kali developers are fixing this in next update.

If your problem is fixed, please follow me on instagram: ab_ratul

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