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I tried to follow this article:

I did everything as described in this article. I first put my Wireless card in Monitor Mode, then sniffed the traffic of the target WLAN, did setup wireshark and load the .cap file. Its loading some traffic into wireshark, but as soon as I use any filter to get the GET or POST requests, it doesn't show anything. I have make sure to visit some GET websites and send out some registrations forms for a newsletter or similar to also get some POST entries while capturing the traffic of my WLAN. But somehow I don't get anything. Maybe someone can help me out here?

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Because WireShark can only decrypt http not https. That's the problem. I couldn't find out how to decrypt ssl in wireshark.

If you dont get anything at all, it sounds like you didnt get the handshake when you captured the packets. Try again, but make sure to get the handshake with airodump.

I have make sure to get the handshake, it does not change anything at all. Does it makes a difference if you visit https or http websites?

I've got this issue, too. And I think it's because WireShark can't decrypt https.
I wrote it before, but someone voted me down :(

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