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I Have Unlimited Text Messages but for the Last 24 Hours Any Texts I Have Tried to Send Have Failed, Checked Coverage in Area All Is Good, Turned Phone On and Off, Phone Calls Are Working So Was Wondering if It Possible for Someone to Block Me from Sending Messages to Anyone? Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

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Nothing is impossible. but to do such a thing, unseen skills are needed.

you could check your balance just to be sure. if problems persist or if your text messages suddenly turned paid and all your credit is gone, but you are sure you still had free texts, contact your mobile provider.

but before doing that, make sure you haven't installed any sketchy apps, or in case you use Android and your phone is rooted and has a custom ROM, try using a different ROM.

try uninstalling every app, and then reinstall one and see if you can send a text, then install another one and so on. eventually you will find the app that causes this problem.

also, if you want to fix it immediatly and fast, just do a factory reset.

hope i helped


thanks Phoenix750 really appreciated but my problem is the phone i use is an old samsung GT-E1200 which does not have any downloaded apps, also cant be a problem with credit as i am on giff gaff and buy a goody bag leaving me no credit. Cant not contact mobile provider as giff gaff dont have a customer services, i am at a bit of a loss?

In my country, mobile providers require a minimum credit available to make use of promotions. If you don't have 0.54$ in your balance, you may have 200 minutes for calling and be unable to use them.

In short, it's called businesses making money off of you.

Yeah, I know. Also, the first time in the month you run out of credit, they automatically charge you an aditional 30$ without asking, telling you that the next time that you run out of credit you can add it and pay it in the next time bill. Shouldn't that be illegal? They're spending money in my name!

Hey Emma, That happens to me sometimes when my Android phone has it's internal storage full. Is there any unusual icon on the task bar? On mine it's a circle with an exclamation mark on it. Just after freeing some space it works fine for me. =)

I don't know about you, but my phone has two settings for texting: data and wifi. If there is no wifi around I cannot text anyone. Is that similar to your issue?

i'm pretty sure she ment SMS texts, which is not wifi nor data. but good point.

on-topic: this seems to be quite a black field. try doing a factory reset anyway. factory resets can work out wonders sometimes.


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