Forum Thread: Auto Redirecting (Request)


I am sure most of you noticed that any page or article on the site automatically redirects to homepage after a while of non activity and I am just wondering if there is a way to stop that or turn it off, because most of the time the page is left open for later reference and that auto-redirecting becomes really annoying.

I hope just that if there is no way already to turn that feature off it become added soon to settings.


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4 Responses

Yeah, I find that annoying too...
Here's a tip:

Before going to another tab, click on the "share your thoughts" textarea, just like you're going to write a reply to the thread. Now just change the tab. It won't refresh to main homepage.

yeah that does it sometimes, thnx

I do the same thing. I really hate that redirect

it could be because of your Adblocker so diasble it, or maybe you have a script extension installed on your browser, that could also be the issue.

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