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Is it just me that thinks as well as some adding some good things they've removed a lot of the best bits of the site, I mean there are some quite big improvements, I quite like the new layout but so far I've had quite a few problems with the editor and while it's not vital I liked being able to see how many views a post had, can you still do that?

Just a quick question, how do you add an image to represent your article in the new editor? I mean the ones that go to the left of the main title and description. Thanks

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Hey Joe, Feedback like this is very helpful. Just so you know, we're aware of a number of the editor bugs and our coders are working to fix them as I write this (including the inability to choose your cover image... FYI... currently it just uses the 1st image you add). If you (or anyone else) has any other issues or complaints, please shoot me a message from my profile as we want to make sure we move forward in every way.

Also, if your roll your mouse over the time-stamp on a post (just under it's headline), you'll see the views there.

Thanks, I always think that the number of views is interesting

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