Forum Thread: Wondering if the Internet Goes Down, Does the Camera Too?

I was wondering if I was able to turn off a WiFi in a public place. Let's say a coffee shop... Will then the cameras in the coffee shop turn off too?

Sorry for my bad English:)

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If those cameras are connected to the server trough wifi then yes, but if they are wired then probably no, however if you could disable the router itself, the cams wont be albe to communicate with the storage server.

There are surveillance cams on the market that have an internal storage or an sd card, but those are mostly not the professional ones (mainly used for home surveillance) .

To disable the cams you have to know what kind of cams are those, where they keep the footage, and how do they communicate with the storage server (if it even exists) .

Im sorry too for my bad english ;)

I was thinking off changing my IP address to the same IP address off the IP camera when I am connected to the same network. Then my phone will acte like the camera and then the internet get confused who owns that IP address and it will kick the Camera off the network.

Just like changing your IP address to the router IP. The network will go down.

But your are right that makes sense even if the internet goes down the camera still on.

Thank you for your reply sir;)

This is not how things work. You won't be able to get the same ip address unless you can log in into the routers admin interface (if you simply try to set a static your ip, the router wont let you in),but if you get into the router ui it is easier just set up a mac filter and block the network access of the cam.

If you are sure if the cams are wireless ipcams you could kick them off the network with aireplay without even connecting to the wifi.

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