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Is there a way to hack gmail or facebook using KALI LINUX or ANY METHOD by KNOWING HIS/HER EMAIL.

Tried everything. any ideas or anything too hack in ??

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how can i hack into gmail using social engineering i only have email address.

Do you know the person you are trying to hack personally? If So, ask them questions about their life. Questions that would be used for "Security" questions on gmail. (or facebook) Do a bit of research and make a fake account, but when It comes to the part about security questions, browse through the lists of them, and writ down each one of them. Then, seemingly nonchalantly, ask them those questions. (you will need to paraphrase, of course, to seem non-intrusive) And then, when using their Email to get into their FB, or Gmail, or whatever, enter the answers to the security questions, and boom, account hacked.

(sorry if I babbled lol. I just love Social Engineering. Humans are so easily manipulated.)

EDIT: If you're going for the technical and far better way for social engineering, definitely use the link Cracker|Hacker gave you. I'm just one of the people who like manipulating their "victims" In person. Also, you really shouldn't be doing this in the first place if you're going to cause mischief.

It is a method. A method that I have proven to be in full working order many a time. :) It just requires a bit of work on your part.

(it's one of the oldest methods in the book)

APPLEDA SH48 is there any method in which i dont have to contact the victim or send any of the link or file to him/her ??

Yes, but you must have a linux penetration distro to do it (I recommend Kali Linux) Cracker|Hacker has already linked to you "Hydra". Follow the tutorial to use that, and you should be good to go. (assuming you get it right in the first 500 tries which is actually quite hard from my experiences.)

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yeah yeah guyz i know m new here i got it what this website is basically for sorry for all that stuffs .

U gotta bet on social engeneering man ..

If u know the guy or girl.. if they dont know much about these hacks... just send him a pdf from a fake id with a professor name or something.. use persistance.. use keylogger.. voila?;);)

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