Forum Thread: How Would I Go About Defacing a Website?

There is a weebly website that I want to deface/shutdown. I have run the domain through nikto and came up with the OSVDB vulnerabilities 877 and 3092. How would I begin to exploit this website? I cannot try to crack the password to the account that can edit the website because I frankly do not know the username. Any thoughts on how I would begin to exploit this site?

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You're welcome.


well if you found vulnerabilities then you should find out if there are any exploits that are related? Im pretty sure you can search metasploit for OSVDB related exploits. DoS attack will work too though.

OR write one for the vulnerabilities discovered. Random Tip: Most exploits methods are vague at best on purpose...

So you are really trying to use a 11 yr old sploit?

"I frankly do not know the username" Uh 'admin' perhaps?

Just reboot bro.

OSVDB-3092 allows you to see the ASP page of the website, but may not provide you with the kind of capability you're looking for. According to the OSVDB website, "there is no known vulnerability or exploit against this". OSVDB-877 may allow "unauthorized information disclosure" and may also be vulnerable to XSS, but again is not necessarily going to get you information.

DoSing will be the most effective and quick route.

"And knowing is half the battle". -G.I. Joe

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