Hello there , new to form
I wanna ask if there is a possible way to decrypt WPA HANDSHAKE .CAP file to get wifi password .

Bruitforcing & wordlist will take lot more time .

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Sry bro,i thing you got a wrong assumption.The .CAP file doesn't itself contain the password but contains the information required for a successful brute force attack on the network.I recommend using Reaver to hack a wifi as dictionary attack can take days and with no success gaurenteed.

I doesn't have to take days you can maybe use Hashcat in combination with your GPU to speed up the process. But there is no guarantee you will find the password.

I once used wireshark, to look at the packets, using a HS I knew a password for for but no luck. So I guess. you are left with wordlist/brute attack.

The handshake in WPA2 is a hash of the password. You will need to hash potential passwords to find a match. It can be very time consuming. It's important to use a good wordlist.

If the AP has WPS enabled, their are a number of different ways to crack the WPS PIN that take a fraction of the amount of time of cracking the handshake.

Thanks OTW and is there a way to hack it even when WPS lock is enabled..

where is the hashed password in the handshake.cap? I mean the exact hash string.

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