Forum Thread: WPS or WPA Hack via Meterpreter?

Hi All,

I was driving to work today and was making up a theoretical scenario in my head and actually it started to sound quite cool.

Im wondering if its possible to run reaver or something along those lines via meterpreter? the next question is could this be done on an android phone. i know meterpreter can be installed on android but not sure about running reaver from it?

The scenario i had in my head was an android mobile with a meterpreter already installed "left" at a random companies office? or even a custom ROM with minimal interface (to extend battery life) then the device is emails to joe bloggs work place where joe bloggs doesn't exist and a return to sender... the device would sit in the mailroom then returned to sender. meanwhile its accessible via meterpreter and hacking the WPS to then pivot onto an internal machine?

I realise this scenario is a bit silly e.g the return to sender would implicate someone e.t.c but im interested if this is possible?

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I've never used NetHunter but this seems like part of the intended use case? Or you could just get a wifi pineapple. I like the mail idea, it's clever. Just mail it in addressed to someone who doesn't exist, should automatically get returned back to you unopened. It's a fun hypothetical.

Finally ive had a response! haha i was starting to wonder if my posts were invisible! :P

Well since posting this i have flashed a spare mobile i had lying around. (nexus 5x) it now has nethunter then ive updated it to run all the KALI tools too. sadly though the mobile wifi doesnt support monitoring mode. so i'm not actually sure what i can be used for just yet.

I did manage to run kali via linux deploy also. that's quite a neat tool, then i've ssh'd onto it and also VNC'd on for a GUI approach.

I did try MITMF on it last night and could manage to see traffic going through so i may play around with that. Im interested in seeing how it may be possible to pivot also to a "local" machine once on there. I'l have a google about a wifi pineapple now not heard that before! :)

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