Forum Thread: How to Write a How-to on Null-Byte?

Hi, I was going to post a how-to on null-byte but, whenever I save it as draft, it converts into a forum thread. Anyone here to help me out, that how to make a how-to on nullbyte? I am very curious to post a new how-to!

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As you can see, I posted this post as how-to. But it appeared as forum thread.

you have to choose whether you want to use it as a forum thread or how-toos...
>>>DUSTY WORLD>>>????///

I always choose (you specially know) How-To, but it always creates a Forum Thread everytime. I don`t know why!?

I believe the admins can choose to change it from a forum post to a How To if they deem it to be a good How To. My tutorial was originally posted as a forum post and then it was changed to a How To.

You can always apply to join the writing team if your work is good. Writers not on the team end up on the forums. It's only in the US though.

  • I was also thinking about it. Whenever I post a new How-to or Thread, it always converts into a forum thread. Okay, I'll wait, till my forum threads are converted into HowTo's.

I hope there maybe a sudo command for ittt ;) ;) ;)
Hehe lol!!

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