Forum Thread: How to Write Script on Bash.

How to write script that will be clicking on links every 10 sec?
And how to write script that will be restart any service?

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That one is batch scripting not BASH scripting

@MAXIM, One thing i have learnt from this tech world is no one does the job for you, You 've got to do it yourself. If you have problems, then you share. I might not be able to help you because am also a learner and a complete noob beginner but there are others to help you if you make an effort. No offense.

Hello, sir.

I made a script that was similar a while back. It isn't very hard to understand. If you are running your bash script on your victim's terminal, than it will be very easy to code.

It depends on what operating system the victim is using. Since I am using a mac, I actually googled "how to open links from mac terminal". And I came up with the result instantly.

open ''

For Windows, the command is

start ''

Therefore your script should look something like this (If your victim is using windows).

while [ 1 = 1 ]; #loop running endlessly
start '' #open
sleep 10 #sleep for 10 seconds

Hope this helps! - Cameron.

Also, please do check out the tutorials on scripting. You will be lost and not understandable as a hacker if you can't script.

I can't do the exit from programm.
I tried to write:

PID='pidof iceweasel'
kill $PID

but shell gave me an error. It must be pid or id process after 'kill'.
How to do that?


>ps aux

This will list all processes and their PID. Get the PID of the process you want to killl and type;

>kill -9 PID

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