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I'm having issues. So, I created a botnet and I have the XML-RPC Attack Method. It's suppose to take websites offline in one try, if XML-RPC is activated by the Administrator at /xmlrpc.php.

So, it was and it didn't go offline. Various times..


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You need to provide more information to diagnose possible issues.

XML-RPC is so beautiful in so many ways, do you understand what it does? Pretty sure it's something you did.

1 PC can murder a site too.

I guess I need to start @ ing people.
@RomeoandJuliet That post was not ment for you.
@R00t That post was ment for you.
@RomeoandJuliet I agree.


My botnet is hittin at 30GB/s with 3,000 infected people. Each 1,000 = 10GB's.

I have a perfect script. My script has taken down an ISIS Website with XML-RPC, too! Yet, when I try to DDoS another XML-RPC Website (XML-RPC is completely active) it comes up with this when I go towards /xmlrpc.php : "XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.".

So my question is.. Why didn't this one go down???



@romeoandjuliet Oh. I'd love that. Please give me your IP. :)

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