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This is more a question on ethics than anything else. While the title may seem completely irrelevant to our little niche here, the actuality is a far cry from the truth.

I just read an article on Apple's growth dating back to last month and knowing Apple's stance on protection, I couldn't help but think of all the unprotected iDevices in the world.

I'm not just talking iMacs and Macbooks, I'm talking about iPads, iPods, and iPhones as well. Think of all these devices that, according to Apple, can not become infected.

Now think of all those people who heeded Apple's 'advice'. They walk away with a false sense of security and perform mundane tasks; from sending emails, to netbanking, to paying bills. All of these tasks form a single person's digital shadow, and going by the figures listed in the article, is a rapidly expanding pool of potentially unsecured information.

Now think to yourself, or even ask. Of all the people you know, how many of them own an iDevice? How many do they own? Do they use security? If not, why not?

Take that number of people you know and find the percentage who own an iDevice. Within that percentage, find the percentage who actually use protection on said iDevices. Until you come out with a result like this.

I know x people. Of that x people, 75% of them own an iDevice. Out of that 75% there are y iDevices. Out of those y iDevices, 12% are actually protected.

Yes, it's a crude test group. But it may help shed light to the sheer amount of iDevices that could potentially be unprotected.

I'm not the first person to think about this and I definitely won't be the last. But just think of the amount of information that could be right there for the taking.

What annoys me most about Apple is the fact that the company consistently shoves this misconception down the throats of consumers that protection is not needed on any Apple device.

I had a woman just today call me saying that her bank practically demanded she see them. While there, she was told that there had been 11,000 unauthorised transactions performed within the last week, all had been stopped, which cost the bank thousands. But it turns out that she had been using her iPad because she was told by an Apple representative that all security is irrelevant on Apple devices as they can't get viruses.

She was one of the lucky ones, her bank caught this activity and reverted all unauthorised transactions. But how many people does this affect who aren't so lucky?

This woman doesn't own a computer at all, just an iPad. She only bought the iPad because the Apple representative insisted she could do all of her banking safely from her iPad without any security at all or risk of compromise.

Probably what annoys me most is I know exactly who told her this. Through me, he is well aware that there are always system vulnerabilities and yet persists to tell people the complete opposite.

It's a blatant misrepresentation of truth by Apple and they're using their "trusted" name to garner more sales.

So I ask you, novice and seasoned hackers alike. What are your thoughts on Apple as a company? Do you agree with their misrepresentation of the truth? What is your reasoning?


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Ghosts is it right
A mavbook cant get viruses?

So your friend blatantly lies. It's probably part of his job to sell macs and as such he's willing to lie to customers. Sounds like normal company behavior to me. Even if the likelihood of getting a virus is low the devices are still susceptible to human stupidity so it's a moot point.

Sebastian Nielsen:

Actually, a Macbook is susceptible to malware of pretty much all forms. It's just that the program has to be written for Macs in order for it to work. There's a reason Windows programs don't run on Macs.

The Batcomputer:

He isn't my friend, he's just an Apple representative. But the thing I'm getting at here, is that it's not just normal company behaviour. I expect crap like this from pretty much all companies.

What does get me is how people are so ready to accept what Apple feed them to the point of swearing at me to my face if I try to tell them that they need protection.

Then there are the people who say, "I've never had a problem with viruses."
I don't get that kind of logic. 'It hasn't happened to me, therefore the threat does not exist.'

I mean, really?


Lol :D
I think the macbook not is 100% protected, when there is less viruses to macbook than for a windows.

Sebastian Nielsen:

Nothing is 100% protected. That's why we all do what we do.


Or allegedly do.


Apple's better at propaganda than windows. I'm willing to bet we all see a lot more advertisement and praising of apple than we do windows. We see a lot of apple bashing too but the point is that Apple as a company actively tries to distinguish itself from other tech like Windows or Samsung and when you are part of the uninformed mass you don't easily pick up on all the bullshit.

Apple is pretty much the Red Bull of the computing world. A generic product with an excellent marketing team.

The fact that in this particular case (and it happens everywhere with them) they are out and out lying to general consumers.


We're not black hats.

Well, at least I hope we're not.


The Batcomputer:

True. They don't sell computers, they sell computing simplicity, you can't break what you can't touch.


Which is what frustrates me the most.



No we aren't (at least i hope none of us are), but we all still use anonimizing proxies to get here, use pseudonoms, and I'm not exactly jumping to give you my name, DOB and tax number, and thats just to converse with like minded individuals, was more what i was getting at.

How ever, I don't HATE Apple products, they have their uses. I dislike that they (as a company) are preying on people who don't know any better.

But i guess at the end of the day I suppose it is peoples own ignorance that allows them to be lead into that trap. I suppose we should take that into consideration.

Pre-formal study, where did you learn about computers from? It was from your own thirst for knowlege was it not?

Sorry for this, it is one of my most disjointed and incoherent posts ever. :(


I don't hate Apple products either, different products for different people, in my opinion.

And while I don't endorse ignorance in any form, I don't agree with blatantly lying.

I'm only qualified as a journalist and it wasn't for me. I've never had formal training in computing; I'm entirely self-taught through trial and error, reading books, and guides. Finally, I'm not thirsty for knowledge, I'm starving for it. I just have an inherent need to learn all I can about everything, especially my passion, computers.


Sorry, I think my message was mis-conveyed in my ramble. (it's been a long 24 hours).

My point was that I'm not a mechanic, but I do some research before I buy a car, as sales people DO blatently lie.

P.S it's nice to come across somebody else with no formal training but a desire to learn!!


I got exactly what you were trying to convey, don't worry.

With the world's knowledge at our fingertips, I honestly don't see how peoples curiosity doesn't get the best of them.


Ex157: Upvoted your post for "it is peoples own ignorance that allows them to be lead into that trap" I completely agree. As an aside, I own an I-pod (rooted) and I think it's the best MP3 player I have ever had. Plenty of 3rd party support. It's main flaw is that it isn't running android lol.

Ghost: Upvoted you because I'm just as curious. I search for things constantly about every little question I come across. I also don't understand how people are content to remain ignorant in the information age.

The Batcomputer:

What I don't understand is with how computers are such a huge part of our everyday life; people refuse to learn how to use a computer at even it's most basic level.

And they seem proud to not know as well; like there's some sort of stigma attached to knowing how to use a computer proficiently.


GHOST_ That's because there IS a stigma attached to people who are tech savvy. Particularly with older people who refuse to learn new things. I heard from a coworker that a a few users went on strike over the implementation of 3 extra button presses in a GUI upgrade. 3 BUTTONS and in this economy they strike over it. It's not an opinion to say these people are not only ignorant but stupid. It's a fact.

The first two things that come to mind when I think of Apple are (1) solid, quality products (2) ridiculously overpriced. The hardware given for the $ spent is almost offensive, to me at least.

John John:

What I find fairly amusing is how people seem to think that Apple machines will never have a flaw. Intel chips, Elpida RAM, nVidia graphics cards, Samsung and Toshiba HDDs. Like come on.

However, what are your thoughts on more the security side, or lack thereof?


The Batcomputer:

Which is depressing, striking over 3 buttons? Come on people.


It's a start; but until they begin to acknowledge the fact that their systems are vulnerable, they're still doing the wrong thing. In my opinion anyway.


Mine to. There was a twinge of i-rony with that. I'm still laughing at making a new set of best practices for secure coding here in 2014...

The only thing I like from Apple is the Ipad and that's the retina display to be exact. I mostly use it for free phone service and entertainment value of jailbreaks.

Also the fact everyone has Apple products on most networks I test. Makes it easy to slip into the network with my Kali box named iPhone ..

Never was one to fan boy about any products, especially personal portable wiretaps. I don't store or transmit real data on devices and use VPN on said devices.

However in terms of business models, I like Apple's. MicroSowack is getting better with the new CEO trying to catch up with the rest of the world.

Shell shock shows Apple has a larger attack surface than they would like to admit, great marketing though to say You are less likely to get a virus because they are all hard coded for windows... Yeah in 1997.

(I may be off topic for 90% of this post looking back.)

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