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Hey Guys

I was wondering how old you guys are and what are your jobs (like Sysadmin, etc) and what skills do you have (like languages).


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Am 16 and still a student. VB.NET, C++ C# ( Little ), Python, Ruby, Perl ( Little ), PHP, Web Designing ( HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT ), Assembly ( Moving A Bit Higher ), Batch, Bash and ... ? Others i cannot express.

# Sergeant

I'm only 14 and currently in my high school's marching band so I juggle hacking/programming with learning my songs. I know a small bit of php and html but I mostly use python and assembly. I am in the process of learning C++ but I hardly have time to learn it now.

Yeah! I like a little bit of a challenge!

I'm 16, currently home educated and aiming for a career as a robotics engineer.

I mainly do digital electronics, though some analogue stuff as well, and I like studying theory of high power electronics.

Builder of robots, GPS trackers, and, once, an IoT chessboard :P

I mainly use programming to facilitate electronics, mainly through Raspberry Pi and Arduinos, but I'm a fairly competent Linux user and enjoy a bit of pentesting when I have time.

Nice thx for all the nice replies dudes :D

I am also a student myself. Got progamming experience in severel languages. In addition to that, I am building websites for companies too.

Robotics? Thats pretty damn nice man :D

(World Record Holder, Or at least that I know of, For Youngest (10 yrs) Penetration Tester/Exploit Developer/Forensic Investigator.) Writing Python, Ruby, (Mostly for exploit development.) C++, HTML, Etc., and Advanced Java. Starting Perl and Assembly. Unemployed.

Also, Working on Circuitry.


Oh god i feel old seeing your answers.

23, Sysadmin slowly moving to a more security oriented career, learning by myself in order to take security certifications (already have some system ones for linux and solaris )

Haha, 23 aint bad. It isn't about the age actually but what you can do during that age. You're a sysadmin and thats very cool. Hope to become one someday. I will give a lot of policies though, That strict sysadmin, I think everybody will hate me.

You guys feel old!?!?! I'm 31.

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