Forum Thread: YouTube Security Flaw

Just a quick little read about a major YouTube security flaw. It's already been patched, of course, but I figured you guys would like to have a look.


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First Facebook, now YouTube... it's only a matter of time before Null Byte gets hacked....

I love how after all, that was just a POST request.

It was so simple, Google overlooked it.

Do you guys know of any tutorials where I can learn about POST requests and how to use them?

What exactly do you mean? You can capture any request in a web intercepting proxy such as burp or zap. You can then exploit it from there. I wouldn't focus all your attention on simply POST request, focus on web application security as a whole. Start with something like Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA) and practice on that. You can down load metasploitable2 and practice on several platforms, with varying vulnerabilities.

Cool .... Many big websites usually overlook such things. ( Just waiting for Null-Bytes flaw )

# Sergeant

Null Byte will have flaws; it's almost entirely a certainty.


pfff one day the website was being slow and i caught the master username and password. i stil have the TECHNIQUE on my hacker drive. pFFFFFFFFFFFFFff. good thing im a white hat :)

Aha! I love this! Just goes to show that even large corporations are insecure :)

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