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Can someone explain the stealth methods of the Zeus malware please ?

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This is from

The Stealth Strategies of the Zeus Trojan

The Zeus Trojan steals personal data such as email passwords and financial information such as online banking passwords. Hackers use the Zeus Trojan to steal information and send such information to remote servers. Furthermore, these cybercriminals use the information to log into online banking accounts and make unauthorized money transfers through a complex and stealthy network of money mules. The Zeus Trojan may be spread through drive-by downloads or via phishing messages sent through emails or social networks like Facebook. Even just the simple clicking of a corrupt email link can install this Trojan instantly in any PC or mobile phone.

Just FYI, A money mule is a person who transfers stolen money between different countries. From

That's my question, what do they mean by "stealthy network" , how those hackers did it ?

"They are victims in a crime. So if they don't know they are doing it" , you mean they did it by luck ?!
"how can an agency track down who is actually doing it" , that means they are idiots! I doubt that's right!

Encrypts its communication with its controlling computer so that
security analysts can't track them.

Protects the identity of its controlling computer.

Adds additional malware onto the computer in which it resides.

Hides itself from even the best anti-malware software.

Also, I suggest you read the following document. Long story short, the "employee" is tricked into performing a wire transfer to a third party that the criminal is associated with. The money mules is used once then all relationships are no more. This process hides the criminals involvement.

Thank you!
I certainly will.

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