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Hello everyone!
Its time for a tool that has been in the blackhat hackers toolbox for a long time Dos attacks.

Today I will show you have to use a Dos tool that I created, it is called Zeuz, it is a Dos tool so it means that it is only attacking from one computer (if you are attacking alone)

So lets get started shall we.

Step 1: Download ZEUZ

First of all we need ofcourse to Download it, we will do it by going to

It should look like this.

Step 2: Clone It

So when you have copied the url you need to open up a teminal and go to the path you want to save it.
Im saving it on my Desktop so I typed "cd Desktop".

When you have done that we need to type in "git clone and it should download it.

Step 3: Make It an Executable File

Now we need to go to the Zeuz folder, you can do so by typing in "cd ZEUZ-Dos-Tool"

So when you have done that you need to type "gcc ZEUZ.c -o ZEUZ" (must be root or use sudo)

This does so you can run it.

Step 4: ATTACK!!!

Now you are ready to attack your target.

Type this "./ZEUZ 80"
Now the attack has begun.

No Website

If you typed in and trying to attack a website that doesnt exist it will show that it is no target to attack.

Like this.

Im Not Resposible for Your Action

Try this on your own website and it is illegal to attack a target that you doesnt own or know the owner, but the tool is made for it soooo do what ever you want but dont come to me when the police knocking at the door.

It is a Dos tool so it will take time you actully shutdown a website, but if you want to make some really damage you should use a botnet with this tool.

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Thank you! I have a question: how does this compare to Xerxes? does it have any advantage?

I dont know really?

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