News: Announcing the First Null Byte Fellows!

Announcing the First Null Byte Fellows!

Last month, I announced that we will begin to recognize those who display excellence here on Null Byte. There is a lot of great material being published here every day, and many people are working hard to make our community successful, so I want to recognize those that deserve it. Null Byte is rapidly becoming the most popular place on the web to learn hacking, and many of you have made that possible.

One of the many things we will be doing to recognize excellence and to help our community continue to grow and be successful is to anoint Null Byte Fellows. These are members of our community that have produced excellent content, have been extremely helpful in assisting newbies, and have contributed to the overall collegiality of our community.

In addition, we will begin to award outstanding articles with White Hat Awards for Technical Excellence, provide job and college recommendations, and coming this winter, White Hack Certifications that can certify our members' knowledge and competence at white hat hacking and pentesting.

The White Hat Fellows will continue to offer excellent content and assistance to our community. This designation simply recognizes what they have done in the past with hope that they will continue to be valuable Null Byte members in the future. Also, it means that other members of our community should look to them for answers, as they have consistently shown that they:

  1. have superior technical knowledge;
  2. contribute to the well being of our community;
  3. answer questions without being condescending;
  4. are good teachers.

In choosing this first group of our Null Byte Fellows, it was a tough decision, as so many have made significant and high-quality contributions to Null Byte. In this first group, I have limited the choices to just three. I am proud to announce that this group includes:


Ciuffy has produced numerous excellent articles for Null Byte, but I want to cite a few exemplary ones here. First, his recent article on how to build an Android kernel capable of putting a Wi-Fi adapter in monitor mode. Second, he published a wonderful series on how to attack the stack. Third is his widely-read guide on installing Kali on portable devices.

Ciuffy has been on Null Byte for quite awhile and has been here to patiently answer questions about his and other articles with knowledge and aplomb.

Thanks and congratulations, Ciuffy!


I really appreciate ghost_'s sage and wise advice to new hackers. Furthermore, ghost_ has produced, among other articles, a very helpful guide for newbies here called How to Post to Null Byte. ghost_ is like a gentle and wise big brother here on Null Byte, guiding and offering advice to newbies who are attempting to find their way through the hacker maze.

Thanks and congratulations, ghost_!


Phoenix750 has been terrific for answering so many questions here on Null Byte. He displays both knowledge and patience, a rare combination. In addition, he has created an excellent series on coding with C/C++ and just began a series I'm really excited about, Electricity & Electronics for Hackers. I also thought that Phoenix750's article about Freedom of Speech was especially thoughtful, well-researched, and made an important contribution to our community during a period of turmoil here at Null Byte.

Thanks and congratulations, Phoenix750!

Congratulations Everyone!

Please take moment to congratulate and thank each of these three Null Byte Fellows. They certainly deserve it and they have played a key role in the overall growth and success of community here at Null Byte.

I also want to point out here were several honorable mentions including CyberHitchHiker (his knowledge of Wi-Fi hacking is encyclopedic), F.E.A.R. (who produced some excellent articles on Android hacking), Sergeant Sploit (who has produced many excellent scripting articles), and others, all of who have made important contributions here on Null Byte. I hope you will continue to do so and you are certainly on the short list for the next group of Null Byte Fellows.

These three are not the last of our Null Byte Fellows. I will consider appointing more Null Byte Fellows in the near future, so if I didn't choose you this time, please don't be disappointed. Keep making your important contributions and assisting your fellow community members and I will likely recognize your contributions in the near future.

Again, thank you and congratulations, Ciuffy, ghost_, and Phoenix750.


Congrats guys, Will do my best to be on the list next time "if there was a next time :p "

There will be a next time!

Nice, Can't wait, I also think you should add a "reputation board" that displays who contributed more each week to encourage people etc...

Bryan Crow would be the person to speak to about that.

However, I don't feel that it's terribly necessary, we don't need to measure our contributions against each other, do we?


We don't.

Congratulations guys !! For as much as I keep myself updated with more and more knowledge, I always have to learn something from your guides, and for that I'm really thankful.

Keep up the good work!!

Awesome post OTW!

Congrats to Ciuffy, Ghost_ and Phoenix750!
Well deserved awards!

On a side note,
OTW, you have a few typos..(I have no idea how bolding works on this website, sorry, I'm not shouting at you)

RECENTLYTHIS article on how to build an android kernel capable of putting your wifi adapter in monitor mode.

just began a series I'm really excited about, Electricity and Electronic for hacbLers. I also T thought that Phoenix750's article

Overall, great post OTW!
Keep up the awesome works!

We are not here to learn grammar.

It is great to see that Null Byte is evolving in some kind of family.

Congratulations to Ciuffy and Ghost_, I am glad I can call you my colleagues from now on! I am looking forward to work with you two (and everyone else, of course) to turn Null Byte into something great!

I'd also like to take a moment to thank OTW for the work he puts into this community. Not only is he making it possible for the world to learn hacking like it should be learned, i also think his work here on Null Byte is really changing people's lives. Especially with these certifications and recommendations. So thank you OTW, and keep up the good work!


Congratulations to all of you!

You really deserve some recognition for your social engineering skills, Cameron!


Null Byte,

Just thank you all. Congratulation to Phoenix and Ghost_, really, good luck to the both of you!

And congratulations to all of the Null Byte creators, we built something special, to those who are still around or not. I hope that more users will join us, and more Fellows will be promoted, especially the users quoted in the second part!

Again, thank you Null Byte, I guess I'll just keep answering and posting as I have ever done to thank you all!

Congratulations, stay awesome!

Congratulations Ciuffy, ghost____ and Phoenix750. And thank you all (and everyone on here of course) for helping me and everyone here in our pursuit for knowledge by creating your awesome posts!

I completely agree with these three. When you said there would be three I guessed in my head and I got ghost and pheonix right! I see them commenting all the time and everything. Congratulations you three!

Congratulations to all three of you! Without all of you guys this community wouldn't be what it is now!

thats nice budy , good work and congratulations

Congrats to those fellows, long may you hack! And thanks to everyone for a great site.

Congrats to Phoenix750 , ghost_ and ciuffy !

Oh my god,this is really cool.
Congratulations to Ciuffy,ghost_,Phoenix750!

Congratulations to Ciuffy, and Phoenix750. Well deserved.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, as well as being a part of our fantastic community.


Thank you for always supporting us, Ghost.

This is a great idea. Well done to these three consistently knowledgable and helpful contributers.

greatly deserved ..congrats you guys...and main recognition to our world admin here at null byte OTW

Congratulations to the winners.

I really think all of them deserved it, because they are the most active and the most sophisticated posters here on Null-Byte, at least based on my observations in the last two months.

Also many thanks to OTW for making this possible.

Congratulations Ciuffy, ghost_ and Phoenix750! Null Byte has not only become a place for aspiring hackers to aquire knowledge but also a place where most people have the same kind of awesomeness in their character :) And huge respect to OTW, everything was built on your foundation i guess you can say!

HUGE congratulations to all three of you and OTW as well. You have all contributed hugely towards building something truly impressive here at nullbyte, and with OTW's plans towards the certifications, and with the three of you to assist, NB's growth can only continue to accelerate.

Agree with TYR.

I've got mad respect for you guys (especially OTW). I can't express how much I've learnt from this awesome community. Hope I'll be able to contribute to this community someday.

Anyways, congratulations and a big thank you!

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