News: Recognition of Excellence at Null Byte (Fellows, Awards, Recommendations, & Certifications)

Recognition of Excellence at Null Byte (Fellows, Awards, Recommendations, & Certifications)

As most of you know, Null Byte has grown dramatically in the past year. In that time, Null Byte has more than doubled in size, and in the most recent months, the growth seems to have accelerated. This is clearly an indication that we are serving a need for white hat penetration testing and information security educational needs. I expect that our growth, if handled with wisdom and prudence, will continue.

From the comments and emails I receive, it has become clear that many of you want to develop a career in cyber security, whether as pentesters, cyber security engineers, cyber espionage, cyber warriors, or the myriad of occupations we have not even imagined yet. This field is growing by leaps and bounds and expanding into multiple new and unimagined areas.

As we have grown, we have gathered a community from around the globe that includes everyone from the greenest newbie to the most sophisticated hackers. Those who are raw newbies today are likely to be the sophisticated hackers of tomorrow. As such, I want to recognize some of the extraordinary talent that has been collected here in Null Byte and provide incentives for newbies to become sophisticated hackers.

Also, I know that many of you are looking to find jobs in this industry, looking to get into college, etc., and I want Null Byte to be a stepping stone to a successful career in cyber security. To assist you in your pursuit, I am implementing some new programs to recognize and certify the talents of our members.

These include:


First, I am beginning a program of Null Byte fellows. These are members of our community with experience and education that can be helpful to our fellow members. I will be selecting 2-3 initially, and their job will be to assist other less-experienced members of our community and help our community continue to grow.

For those of you who are non-native English speakers (that's a majority here), a fellow is: a member of a group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of mutual knowledge or practice.

White Hat Award for Technical Excellence

Second, I will be awarding the "White Hat Award for Technical Excellence" at various times in the future. These awards will go to those who produce excellent articles for our community.

Obviously, those who receive such awards should be able to put such an award on their resume or college application to help land that job and place in that school. I think it goes without saying that having published a good article in a leading cyber security forum would be a quite a fete, but having received an award for technical excellence would be even more impressive.


I realize that many of you are now, or will soon be, applying for jobs and entrance to colleges and technical institutes. I am willing to offer recommendations to those of you who show excellence either in providing content or helping other users here on Null Byte.

If you believe that you have shown exceptional talents in providing content or assisting other users, feel free to ask me for a recommendation. I will be happy to write one for you.

If you are new here, please do not ask me for a recommendation. Only those who have been members for awhile and have shown mastery of the subject matter will be eligible for college or job recommendations. If I agree to write you a recommendation, it will be glowing and likely play a key role in getting you into the school of your choice or the job you are seeking.


I am presently developing a three-tier "White Hat" certification for the readers of Null Byte. Certifications are a key way to validate your technical acumen for employers and schools. Our industry, information technology (IT) and cyber security, places a much higher value on certifications than formal education. As such, these become critical to finding employment in our industry.

The advantages of these new certifications are:

  • All of the material you need to study is right here on Null Byte. No need to buy expensive study guides, books, or pricey boot camps.
  • All of the exams can be taken online so you don't need to travel to a special testing center.
  • The cost of the exams and certifications will be a fraction of those by EC-Council, ISACA, ISC2, SANS, and others.

These certifications will be similar to the CEH, ESCA, OSCP, GPEN and others. These certifications will include:

Certified WhiteHat Associate (CWA)

This certification will be similar to the CEH. It will test your understanding of basic cyber security, hacking, and pentration testing concepts. It will be a 100 question, online exam. One should be able to pass the exam by simply studying the tutorials here on Null Byte. This will be an entry-level pentesting certification.

Certified WhiteHat Engineer (CWE)

This is an intermediate-level certification where the student will be required to understand some intermediate pentesting and techniques, as well as demonstrate their skills by hacking a test system. Unlike the CWA, it will require real world skills that are valued by employers.

Certified White Hat Professional (CWP)

This is the most advanced hacking certification. It will require advanced skills and knowledge and will require that those certified be able to compromise a fairly well-secured system.

Certified Cyber Warrior (CCW)

This certification will require that the student master both offensive and defensive cyber security methods. In addition, the student will be required to understand the basic methodologies, history, and policy of cyber warfare. This certification is for those who seek a career with national governments that are, or expect to be, involved in cyber warfare or cyber espionage.

Look for more information on these certifications this winter (December - March).

Please give me feedback and thoughts on these programs to recognize your excellence and any others that might be valuable to recognize the extraordinary talent in our community here at Null Byte.


First off typo here "The is the most advanced hacking certification. It will require advanced skills and knowledge and will require that those certified by able to compromise a fairly well-secured system." I think it is supposed to be "those certified be able to"

Second I support this 100% I know I am not an 'ub3r 1337 h@x0r' or anything but I agree that peer learning would be a great thing for Null Byte. Obviously like a chatroom would be great and I know it is on the to-do list. Also I would take these certs as well as a bunch of others.

Third I have a chance to get an internship over the summer. I have already been vetted by an employee so I don't need a recommendation but if I do I would like one from you.

There is also another typo in that paragraph: the first word should probably be "This" and not "The". I think it is supposed to be "This is the most advanced...".

It's honestly really nice to hear that the community has grown so much. This is hands down the best online community I've ever seen and its truly a privilege to be here with such enthusiastic and knowledgeable members.


Null Byte feels like a family to me. needless to say i totally agree with you.


Me too.
Always support Null Byte!
Null Byte is awesome.
Hope you have a nice day.

OTW, just saying,
I appreciate the amount of time you put into writing your tutorials and answering our questions

Thank You sir!

This would be a great step to the Null-Byte community!

It's a good hit for Null-Byte community. learning with exams is always rewarding. I am also craving for the Security Analyst job and currently empowering my basic knowledge with practice for that. In the security industry, White Hat tag as professional is must as the field is accelerating. Go,Go OTW. thanks.

this is awesome OTW!

should you need any help with this, just give me a call because i am all for this!


Sounds really promising, looking forward to earn all the four certifications!

Quite the step. Exciting! I think this sounds very promising!

This is very exciting; I'm happy seeing how far Null Byte has come.

Even if my demeanour doesn't really show that.


This is awesome, it might pull me back in haha

Great! I hope you do come back Winter!

This post got hidden in second page first day it came out.

This growth is unbelievable, I saw it happening and it was not obvious, but thanks to all the creators, we did it. I hope that this iniziative will attract new creators, that might try and do their best to be awarded, contributing to Bull Byte as best as they can.

Good move, crucial step to regain the control on the growth flow.

"Bull Byte" I vote we change our name to that

Whoops, well at least we got something out of it.

I'm dead serious, I will from now on call this place bull byte. "Hello Bull byte!", sounds amazing!

Hello everyone,
I'm one of these 'new guys' that discovered null-byte a few month ago. I've immediatly put it on my feedly flow !

So i'd just wanted to say thanx to everyone that are participating to this growth. Providing contents or just reading in the dark ;)

GL with this new stuff, like you said, you are filling a real need in this sector and it will help a lot.

Hello Null-Byte.
First of all: I signed up today and this is my first post.

I love this site's contents and learned so much in the past weeks and finally persuaded myself to create a Facebook-Account and with that gained the ability to sign up here (because E-Mail-Invitation-Request somehow didn't work).

So: Hello Everyone, I'm new. I'm looking forward to having a great time here.

Let me start to write something topic-related:

Genius Idea, Master OTW! This site already is a great hub for everyone seeking knowledge about cyber-security. With these planned changes, this will become a real organized "facility" to train little Cyber-Security-Experts.

People won't only be able to challenge themselves with these Certificates and test their own skills but they will also be rewarded for their passion to learn. Looking forward to it...

email invitation does work, but it takes a long time :) (my invitation was 3 months late).

anyway, welcome to Null-Byte! hope you like it here!


E-Mail invitation did not work for me.

I am also one of those greenhorns that became part of the community months ago. But just today, I created an account because I decided to become more involved with the community.

I just want to thank null-byte for teaching me so much and being a reliable source where I can continuously come back to when I have questions.

awesome!! great great news this is good for us here at null byte

One question... When? I can't wait : ).

This is a great idea and I can't wait to take the certification classes. I hope to see them soon

Damn, just got myself into the comunnity and this article just made me delighted! Hope to contribute to it as my knewledge grows to make this even bigger and bigger.


Really very happy to hear this ..
your doing good . i support 100%

This is perfect!

i will look forward to cwa.
i learned many basics on null-byte.(kinda hard to find tut on basic on other sites).

As always, OTW you've spurred both the teachers and the students to expand the hacking community. I will continue to do my best. :)

This is awesome. Your ideas always great .
Thank you.

Will the certification be professionally accredited or recognized?

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