Forum Thread: Now You'd Think What Is the Catch?

Now you'd think what is the catch? The catch is the presence of collagen and peptides in the Joyelle Derma. These chemicals are extracted from these plants and delivered to your skin by the product. The peptides are small fragments of proteins and thus are responsible for building the skin. When the amount of it starts to dwindle, your skin begins to lose its original structure and starts to breakout. Other than this peptides signal skin cells to produce and secrete collagen and thus by adding peptides both of your problems will be solved. Your skin texture will return and collagen content will also increase. Collagen is the reason your skin is tight and elastic. A decrease in the number of collagen particles leads to saggy and loose skin and this cream will prevent that. The anti-oxidants will try their fullest to take out all the oxidants it can.

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