Forum Thread: Which Is the Best Premium VPN

I'm looking for a good VPN. Free ones are always a pain. Suggest some premium ones. Thanks in advance :)

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I would recommend
It's really fast, and they don't cram users on there - I get some seriously fast speeds.

Not to mention it's cheap at only 3$/month, it seems to be more of a public service than a profit venture. They seem to care a lot about net neutrality and online privacy - the people behind are probably like activists or privacy advocates.

As you said, a lot of free ones track users and sell their data.
I'm pretty sure Opera's SurfEasy had some clause in their TOC to sell data to advertisers.

Some paid ones are straight up scams - lifetime VPN service is in no way profitable: it's always a pyramid scheme fueled by the people in the future that will buy the lifetime VPN.

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