C/C++ for Hackers: Part 9 (Installing CodeBlocks in Ubuntu)

Part 9 (Installing CodeBlocks in Ubuntu)

Hello again, fellow hackers! we are getting a little bit more advanced (i mean, in my next post we will code a basic virus!) so we need a more advanced program to code our programs (using a program to code a program? cough programception cough). such a program is called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). in this tutorial we will cover what an IDE is and install my favorite IDE, called CodeBlocks.

What Is an IDE?

an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a combination of a text editor (a much more advanced one, for example, the one in CodeBlocks auto completes your words), a Compiler (in CodeBlocks it's GCC) and a debugger.

some examples of IDEs:

  • CodeBlocks
  • Xcode (for Apple devices)
  • Eclipse (Java and Android, though it can also be used for C/C++)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (for .NET applications in VB or C# for windows or Win32 applications in C++, obviously, also for windows.)

What Is CodeBlocks?

CodeBlocks is a free and open source IDE for C, C++ and Fortran (an ancient language). CodeBlocks is cross platform, so it can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux. the thing i like about CodeBlocks is it's debugger, which gives advanced info back to us.

Installing CodeBlocks on Ubuntu

Step 1: Open Software Center

we can get the latest version of codeblocks using the Ubuntu Software Center. go ahead and open it. then, search for "CodeBlocks IDE"

let's go ahead and click on "More Info".

ok, this is clearly the package we want! make sure that you have the things checked i checked under "Optional add-ons". once that is done, go ahead and press "Install" and wait.

that's it! CodeBlocks is installed! you can start CodeBlocks by pressing the super key (windows key) and search for "CodeBlocks". you then will be greeted with this screen:

Step 2: Create a Folder to Store Our Projects

CodeBlocks keeps all of your files together in a so called project file. since we want to be organized, we also need to make a new folder, preferably in our home directory, that will contain our projects.

open a terminal, make sure you are in the home directory, and do:

mkdir CodeBlocks Projects

MAKE SURE that you use a underscore instead of a space between the words "CodeBlocks" and "Projects". i had to use a space because otherwise my words would be typed like this.

that's it for now folks! in my next tutorial, we are FINALLY going to make our first computer virus! this will be a simple virus that will deactivate windows, bringing it back to the 30 day trial version.

if you have any questions or problems, feel free to PM me!



Really waiting for the next tutorial! keep it up!

I only used g++ on linux.
Like fedora or ubuntu,even on kali linux.
But i used Visual studio c++2015RC on my laptop now.
Good job!
Waiting for the next lesson.God bless everyone.

brother your lessons are awesome. you must make videos for better explanation than this

I would, but I don't have the right equipment.



Where are the next parts of these series?

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