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Hey guys ,

I am back again and this time i am gonna show you how to bypass windows 7 login. You might wanna do this because of any reason , maybe your room mate does not want to share his pc with you and you need to do something like in an emergency and your room mate does not respond. What do you do now? the answer is so simple bypass the windows login. But is it possible? For sure.....let's go

Step 1: Download Konboot

you can download kon boot from here

Step 2: Extract the Zip File

now extract the zip file

Step 3: Select Kon Boot Usb and Use Exe File to Write Files to Usb

now if you are on windows run the exe file in kon boot usb folder to write files to the usb and if you are on linux use wine to write files to usb

Step 4: Using the Usb to Bypass Windows Login

Now you have the usb tool ready. all you gotta do is plug it into a victim computer and boot into the usb-hdd

Step 5: Bypassing Windows Login

now it will take you to the windows 7 login. Type anything in the password field or just leave it empty and you will be logged in yo can access all unencrypted files.

and you are in....

Step 6: Disclaimer

I do not own any copyrights for kon-boot .

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It really works.When i first saw this i didn't really think this would work.Thank you buddy, keep posting stuff like this,will it work with windows 10 too?

no it wont work with windows 10 or windows 8 but it will work for sure with previous versions of windows

Thanks for the how to
It won't work on windows 8 and 10.
Don't you think using live Kali for cracking the password will be better?
It will work on any version of windows

Yes but i dont think kali live is faster than this.Ive tried it and it works like flash

This is the fastest way i guess works faster than kali live and you dont actually need to crack the password

kali live features ophcrack which cracks passwords when you have the hash . but this is an easy one even a newbie can do and you do not have to crack the password

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