News: Kon Boot for Bypassing Windows Logon Screen

Kon Boot for Bypassing Windows Logon Screen

Hi Guys,

I just decided to throw this out here for anyone who might not be familiar with the utility or would like to do some reading on it.

Kon boot is a small utility that modifies the kernel while booting, and allows you to bypass the Windows Logon screen by entering any password or leaving it blank. In this way you could easilly log on as Local Admin.

You can find either the free version or the paid verion on the internet, of course the paid has more features. I believe theres also a mac and a linux version, someone correct me if Im wrong.

You will need physical access to the machine, since you boot from usb or dvd. Of course this is just in case you ever find yourself with physical access and don't know the root or local Administrator password.

I normally use it as its integrated in the Ultimate boot CD (UBCD, just google it) since this has many more useful utilities such as this, including diagnostic tools, HDD password unlocker and so much more.

Thats all for now my friends. I apologize for not being able to make this

more in depth, but the tool is pretty straightforward, and simply googling Kon Boot gives you plenty of information..

Til i see you again fellow hackers!!


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Kon Boot is a really great tool, although i'd love to see your UBCD and what other tools you've included in it.


KonBoot on a usb stick is like a universal key to almost any computer. And its fairly easy to use unless you're dealing with Windows8 and need to go into the bios to change secure boot options, but even then, its still pretty easy.

ok so what am I missing here.... seems to good to be true?

This is yet another friendly reminder that a supersecret password to login into your system in not enough to prevent snooping on your files, if someone gets physical access to your pc.

If i'm able to boot from a different medium (like cd, dvd, usb) and you did not encrypt your entire filesystem, your files can be easily retrieved (encrypting single files works as well, but what if I plant a keylogger on your pc? I'll get the pass sooner or later...). One can mitigate this by disabling other boot options and password-locking the bios, but that again can be circumvented by a HID attack (it will take some time, but it will work), ... or the attacker will just unplug the hard disk and plug on his system.

Long story short, there is always a way to break into your files, unless you make a serious hardening and enforce strict security policies.

alrighty then just added this to my keychain of boot USB's thanks!

Thank you for Ultimate boot CD, i've used Kon a small time and it's worth the fame

You're welcome

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