How To: 8 Web Courses to Supplement Your Hacking Knowledge

8 Web Courses to Supplement Your Hacking Knowledge

We're living in uncertain times. The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus and subsequent self-isolation of roughly half the world's population has led to a massive reorganization of the economy, countless layoffs, compromised security networks, and a variety of other significant disruptions that will forever alter the landscape of our daily lives.

Countless industries are struggling to stay afloat while governments develop and implement a response to the virus. But a small handful of other sectors have actually become stronger as a result of the outbreak, namely tech. It's being viewed as a potential savior when it comes to building solutions that will help us work remotely, navigate new career opportunities, and adapt to a dramatically altered world in which person-to-person interaction is limited.

As with any booming and expanding industry, however, there's always a downside. And right now, some are beginning to take advantage of expanded technology resources and streaming services to break into everything from daily Slack meetings to the networks of government agencies.

It should come as no surprise then that companies in both the public and private sectors are now scrambling to hire talented and trained ethical hackers who can safeguard their networks and retaliate against emerging cyber threats.

How to Meet the Demand

Chances are you've already spent some time building your skill set on Null Byte, and there are plenty of resources on our site that can help you meet this spike in demand. But if you could use some help bridging the gap between beginner and advanced knowledge or really just want to shore up your chances of getting your foot in the door, some supplemental training might be in order.

To that end, the 2020 Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle is worth checking out. This eLearning collection comes packed with eight courses and over 60 hours of training that will expand your cybersecurity understanding to an advanced level.

Regardless of whether the coronavirus pandemic has upended your career or you're lucky enough to still be employed at a traditional job, this bundle is for anyone who's looking to switch gears and become part of a movement that's helping countless companies and agencies stay safe in a hostile world. (It's also just a great supplemental education material to expand your Null Byte knowledge.)

After an introductory course that walks you through the terminology and basic methodologies of the field, you'll begin learning how to safeguard complex networking infrastructures, implement firewalls that can guard against threats, infiltrate enemy servers and networks, retaliate against attacks, and more.

Running through these expert-led courses is a solid way to bolster your cybersecurity understanding and complement what you've already learned on Null Byte.

There's also extensive instruction that focuses exclusively on how to safeguard WordPress sites and platforms — an increasingly important and in-demand skill set now that more than 455 million web sites rely on this dynamic platform.

Earn Ethical Hacking Certifications

And as a bonus, this bundle features two courses that will help you ace the exams for the coveted CompTIA Pentest+ and CySA+ certifications.

Doled out by The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the CompTIA Pentest+ and CySA+ certifications are both vendor-neutral credentials employers regularly look for when evaluating a candidate's cybersecurity expertise. What's more, research shows that a CompTIA-certified employee will earn between five to 15% more on average than someone who is uncertified with otherwise equal qualifications.

In this way, the 2020 Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle is just as much a learning supplement as it is a pathway to higher pay once you're in the field. While it usually retails for $1,600, the collection is available to Null Byte readers now for $59.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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