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Forum Thread: EDB to PST Converter

EDB to PST Converter software user can efficiently recuperate damage EDB file as well as convert EDB to PST file in just few moments. It is compatible to recover from corrupt mailbox database and can export Exchange database into PST, PDF, MSG, EML and MBOX file formats.

Forum Thread: Help to Open File Compressed with WinRaR!

Prompt, please, in what could be the problem? I received a letter with the file absolutely WinRaR archived, that is exactly installed on my computer, but opens the file in the form of some breaking brain characters and using a completely different program!!! What can be the matter? In all likelihood it is damaged... And how to open the file? Help, please!

Forum Thread: Kali Linux Wifi Won't Stay Connected. Although It Appears Connected There Is No Active Connection.

Ok, now made 2 USB sticks live boot Kali and set up my laptop to dual boot Kali and Windows. And with all 3 I have the same issue. The wifi connection will only stay active for the first 15 seconds or so after booting up or manually restarting the connection. Ifconfig iwconfig and network manager all show that I am connected. I can ping and it is succesful. But once i do that or try to use the internet (firefox, apt-get update, anything) the connection no longer works. Even though net...

Forum Thread: Rooted Android FM Hack

I was wondering if there was some way to hack the FM Radio of my rooted android device to bypass the restrictions of frequency range of 87.5 to 108 MHz to 'listen in' on other radio transmissions and convert it into a super cool Radioscanner !! :D

Forum Thread: [HELP] [NEWBIE] Lost Wifi Connection in Kali 2.0

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I love hacking (after seeing Mr. Robot of course xD) but i'm new to this, actually i know nothing about and just started installing Kali 2.0 couple of days ago. I started messing up with some airmon-ng and aircrack commands. At first i type in "airmon-ng kill check" then it said it killed something i didn't remember, then after a couple of failed attempts on cracking WPA, i quit the Terminal and i started suffering web normally but then i realize that someh...

Forum Thread: Ubuntu Metasploit Can't Interact with Session

Hey guys I am also quite new to meterpreter and am running into an issue when trying to interact with a session. I am running Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and, as you can see, getting feedback when I open the payload on the target device. When this happens, however, it does not allow me to work with the session(see pictures) and so I try ctrl+c but that just kills the session. Can anyone help? If you need more info about anything just let me know.

Forum Thread: Alfa - NetworkAdapter - What Does It Do ?

I've connected this adapter to my Raspberry pi, and saw that ithe created a new WLAN interface. The problem is there. How is having an extended interface going to help WiFi hacking other than being able than scan network further away ? How do you utilize this hardware and access it ? Simply from my main laptop through ssh?

Forum Thread: Brute Force in Multiple Login Fields

Hey people, I know , that if there are "2 LOGIN FIELDS" viz - "USERNAME and PASSWORD" ,one can learn to bruteforce . However.... I have a website that has 4 login fields. Now the good thing is .... I have all the 4 wordlists relating to this 4 input fields. How will I force them into these 4 input fields???? Please help me....

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