Forum Thread: Best Shooting Ear Protection

A dehumidifier can take that sticky feeling out of the cellar or washing room and avoid a few other sticky conditions: moisture degrees above 50 percent could breed mildew dust mites, and mold or other health conditions. Basements get hit from many edges of invasion.

Forum Thread: How to Make Metasploit Using VPS?

I have a router for which i cannot forward any ports coz I'm behind a admin router(i don't hv it's password, i tried all default ones) . I asked them for a port to be forwarded but got no response. So is vps an alternative to my router portforwarding option. Please help. I have a dynamic ip and I'm also using noip dns for it. Please suggest any solutions

Forum Thread: Setting BeEF to a Public IP! How?

Hi there, i've been doing a lot of reading on BeEF lately, and watching whatever videos i can find about it,however setting my local ip to a public one so i could use it it behind NAT is still confusing me and have no idea if i should edit the config file or not. so i'd appreciate some instructions.

Forum Thread: How to Hack CCTV Private Cameras

Hi Friends. Now a days CCTV cameras are used many place like shops, malls, offices, warehouse etc and more. for security reason and for many more purposes. This articles show you how to hack CCTV cameras. If search on Google for CCTV camera hacking , you will be find tricks for public CCTV camera hacking tricks. But here you will be hack private CCTV cameras .

Forum Thread: Problems with Nmap

hey null-byte hackers, i have a problem with nmap always if i try to scan a ip no matter with switch i use, it always says: "All 1000 scanned ports on °°°.°°°.°°.°°°are closed" or that thy are all filtered. i used different ip's and searched on the internet but couldn't find any thing usefull. i use kali Linux 2016.2 on virtualbox.

Forum Thread: ProxyChains Problem

Hey guys, i have a new problem with ProxyChains and i think i fix other one. When i type ' proxychains iceweasel ' to terminal, an Iceweasel browser opens but everything is same and i got this on terminal (process:6454): GLib-CRITICAL *: gslicesetconfig: assertion 'syspagesize == 0' failed How can i fix this?

Forum Thread: Installing Kali on Android Phone Storage

My phone storage(8gb) has larger capacity than my sd card(4gb). But all the tutorials I found is about installing kali on an sd card. I don't know how to direct the installation path to my phone storage. I tried /storage/sdcard1/linux.img but when I start installing it, I always get the error "Making file disk image.. /fail"

Forum Thread: Problem with .Apk Payloads

Tried making some .apk payloads but every single one I made is not working properly. I tried making payloads and remaking original .apk files using msfvenom. When I try to install it it says: Parse error: There is problem parsing the package. I also tried it using some ruby script but same problem occurred. It happens on multiple devices. Anyone knows what I'm doing wrong?

Forum Thread: [HELP] [Noob] Kali Linux Crash on Raspberry Pi 3

I just started into hacking, and i have a virtualbox with kali, but i wanted to have it on my raspberry as well. I downloaded the image and wrote it on a 16gb class 10 micro-sd. on my raspberry i did with wired connection an update, installed gparted to recover lost partitions on my micro-sd and i did an update. Every time i use de wireless connection on my raspberry after 10 seconds it freeze's and i can't do anything. So i need to pull the charger out of the socket. If i dont connect to the...

Forum Thread: Can You Test a Python Program for Me? (UPDATED)

I made a forum post about a week ago asking people to test a Python program that I made. I am just starting out in Python and I decided it would be cool to make a multi-tool that combined all the things that I learned. The reason I am re-posting is because I have added more features to it and I am using GitHub instead of Google Drive (mind you I don't really understand how GitHub works). There is a version for Windows running Python 2, a version for Linux running Python 2 and an executable fi...

Forum Thread: How to Hack Wifi Network with CMD

There's lots of people in this world want to know how to hack wifi networks. You must search for CMD and run as administrator. But you need to trick your victim to connect his Wifi to your PC or Laptop. NOTICE: This for education only. Note: Even if the victim has logged you out from the Wifi long time ago you still can hack the password.

Forum Thread: Apache2 Kali Help

Hello, I have been trying to setup a website on my virtual machine running Kali Linux , I need someone to take a look at my I know this what all I have done , I have port forwarded already and tested if it was open and it was open on after running apache2 service , I asked my friend to ping me and he was able to outside from my network.

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