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Forum Thread: Eml to PST Conversion

Use One of the best Regain EML to PST Converter which can easily convert EML file into PST format without losing any data and convert single as well as multiple EML file at a one time.It also convert Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple email and uses EML to PST file format.This software is well compatible with Outlook Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2010, 2007 and 2013 and 2016.

WIFI Hacking : Crack WEP/WPA/WPA2 Password Without Dictionary/Bruteforce NEW METHODE : Fluxion

I hadn't ventured into Hackforums since a while, and this time when I went there I saw a thread about a script called Fluxion. It's based on another script called linset (actually it's no much different from linset, think of it as an improvement, with some bug fixes and additional options). I did once think about (and was asked in a comment about) using something like a man in the middle attack/ evil twin attack to get WPA password instead of going the bruteforce/dictionary route, but never l...

Forum Thread: How Russians Developed a Genius Way to Hack Slot Machines Casinos Have No Fix For

In early July 2014, Lumiere Place accountants noticed that several slot machines from their casino had gone mad for a couple of days. The certified software gives casinos fixed edge so that casinos know how much they earn in a long run, let it be 7,129 cents for each dollar. But on June 2 and 3, several slot machines at Lumiere Place had paid much more than they had received, though no major jackpot had been awarded. In the gambling $70 billion-plus slot machine industry lingo, it is called n...

Forum Thread: Armitage Targets Not Showing Up?

I have Kali Linux installed on a separate computer and I have a windows 7 computer. Im trying to use nmap on armitage to scan my wifi for the computer so I scan the network by using mylocalip.0/24 and only my router shows up. it says there is 4 host as you can see in the picture below but why does only 1 show up?

Forum Thread: Kali Linux Meterpreter Will Not Connect to Victim's Computer

After playing around with the Linux Distribution"Kali Linux" for a while, I learned about the payload called "meterpreter," which basically allows you to connect to someones computer remotely if the backdoor is installed on a victims PC. To create the backdoor, I used a program called "Veil Evasion." After learning how to use Veil-Evasion, I quickly compiled a backdoor. Photo of Veil below. Anyways... I compiled the backdoor to an EXE and moved it to my Windows 7 desktop (I am using a Virtual...

Forum Thread: Track IP Adress

Hi to everyone, I need your help: someone connected to my computer with TeamViewer and looking inside the log I found the IP adress and the Teamviewer's ID. Do you know if there is any way to trace back the person behind the connection?

Forum Thread: Professional Carpet Cleaners in Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane offers special only for 3 Rooms for $99. OOPs Carpet Steam Cleaning turn your dirty carpet to look new again! We are the most trusted & professional Queensland based steam cleaning company, providing carpet dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet stain & spot removal & carpet protection & flee treatment services. We extend our steam cleaning services across all suburbs of Brisbane. We are local & family owned cleaning business over 20 years experience in the clean...

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