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Forum Thread: The Boots and Bags Fashion

Boots and bags are regarded as the most basic accessories that speak volumes of style and keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends. Staying in lilylulufashion is what everyone aspires; keeping track of various trends that are constantly changing is a difficult task. There are a million fashion blogs that suggest you the latest in and outs of fashion. But keeping track of everything and buying everything that is trendy falls heavy on your pockets. Sticking on to the evergreen classics ...


Welcome brothers, From the day I first came here, it was my ambition to post a series on a programming language which will help most of the people out here. Many of us have written many posts on how to hack facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Hacking those sites are not a very hard nut to crack (remember not a single site on internet is secured, not even google, every site has its own vulnerabilities) if you know the basics of hacking. And by basics, I mean learning all those stuffs that other ...

Forum Thread: The Legal Consequences of Hacking

In our discipline, we may WANT to ignore the legal consequences until they slap us upside the head, but that is not a very prudent strategy. To help all my apprentice hackers better understand what is and is not legal in hacking, I dedicate this forum. The Cyber Crime Law Enforcement

Forum Thread: Hack Cheating Wife's Windows 7 Admin Password

I suspect my wife is cheating on me and I want to find out how much she's not telling me. I know she uses Facebook and Twitter to message him. She's locked everything up, her laptop, droid phone (via fingerprint), email accounts, etc. She does have a Guest account open on her laptop and leaves it home when she goes to work so I have all the time I need on it. I think she may have a keylogger or other antispyware on her laptop so I don't want to tip my hand that I have hacked her password.

Forum Thread: What Is the First Step on the Road to Learning to Hack?

I have been interested in learning to hack for quite a while now but don't know where to start. I know how to work computers pretty well, but I don't know how to program, use Linux, etc. I just started learning Java for an ap computer science course, but that's about it. I've read a lot of things that say to learn python or Linux first, but since I am learning Java, I was leaning towards learning how to use Linux because I don't want to get confused between python and java. I've looked into w...

Forum Thread: DO NOT BECOME A GOD!!!

From the time I've joined the null-byte website, I've seen many shortcomings in here. This is my first post and today I'll not be talking about how to do this stuff or that one. I will just be telling here THE BIGGEST GAP in this site.

Q: MITMf - What Am I Doing Wrong?

I'm using MITMf to capture passwords and usernames, hence i'm playing around with the MITMf, because i've read that it's the only tool which has SSL+(2) and Dns2proxy, which i'll need to bypass HSTS.

Forum Thread: Wifite2 Timeout and Fails , Reaver,Pixiewps, and Bully Too

Hey, i managed to use wifite2 in cracking the pin of wpa before, but suddenly ( i think), it's no longer working!! , reaver is always having troubles with me.. but now the problem is nothing from these tools gives a result!.. every time i try to hack a wifi ( 25 db) away .. it gives timeout , warnings, fails... it's like there's something about the kernel or what?! .. any guesses about a solution for this mode guys?.. and thanks in advance

Forum Thread: Keyloggers Question

So recently I've been trying to make keyloggers using different methods, however, every time I try the one I've made, my PC gives me a caution message that it's harmful, and my windows defender find it as a malware and stops it.

Forum Thread: Private Null Byte Chat?

I've heard talk about making something we could pm on since null byte was kind enough to make a message system that doesn't work. If you want something like that, speak your mind below. Any suggestions on what platform? Let noobs and script kiddies join or more experienced people only? It doesn't happen if you don't speak up...

Forum Thread: Problems with THC-HYDRA Giving False Positive PasswordS

hydra -L userdummy.txt -P passdummy.txt -vV https-post-form "/^USER^&password=^PASS^&login=Log+in+to+your+account:F=incorrect.:C= _cfduid=de9ff7a7ca4bc2968430ae81bf36e057e1536632635; PHPSESSID=vj8g88oje7k5u0nk9t9cvavlv2; gaTrackGEO=x; SERVERID=fe03; httpreferer=%2Fsign-in; ga=GA1.2.1543913319.1536632638; gid=GA1.2.1875996076.1536632638; gat=1"

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