How To: Access Deep Web

Access Deep Web

This is my first tutorial and it is about accessing deep web for total beginner,sorry in advance if I make any mistake plz forgive me.

Introduction:Internet has commonly three parts as per my knowledge 1st:surface web,2nd :Darknet and 3rd :Deep web

Surface web:We use surface web most of the time and they are websites or resources which can be accessed by search engine such as google,bing, duckduckgo or anything.They are the sites which can be accessed by our simple web browser like Firefox or chrome.It is in upper part in internet.

Darknet :Darknet or clearnet are basically middle of internet which contains both surface web and deep web resources.It is smaller than deep web and it is used for mostly file sharing and other like privacy,cybercrime,leaks.It is not too will need tor browser to access it.

Deep web:This is the last stage of internet as per my knowledge but people say there are upto 8 stage of internet like mariana web or something.but I will particularly tell about deep web. It is in below of darknet and surface web.The website of deep web is also not indexed by standard search you basically need tor browser. This size of deep web is approx 550 times larger than surface and it consist of about 7.5 petabytes so you can think yourself how big it is.Things in deep web is more worst than deep web like Hitmens for killing,Malicious hacker for hire,child pornography,They can Hack you're own camera,disturbing videos and image like ISIS red rooms,drugs,marijuana and many worst should always think before going to it.

Browser(Tor Broser)

First of all you will need a browser known as tor and to get it just go to: and download the latest version for you're computer.

Then open you're tor browser then it will connect to tor network.then you will see a windows like this.

Image via

It will say that you're connected to tor.then you're ready to go.

Step 1: Privacy and Anonymity

Important step:There will be S logo in left of browser click on it and click"forbid scripts globally" and most important step is to be safe before going to deep web.Use vpn or proxy before accessing deep web because there are many malicious people in deep web which will hack you're privacy and can do anything to you.I personally suggest you to use I2P and turn on you're firewall and antivirus if you have.You can do anything like covering camera with tape or anything and don't download anything from deep web which will harm know what I'm talking about or you and you're privacy may be on deep web like this:

Image via

Step 2: Going Deeper with Tor

You can go to hidden wiki:

Search engine known as Torch where you can search things: and best private search engine known as Duckduckgo:

File sharing links:



These are the good ones but you can get bad and worst things in deep web such as drugs,child pornography,disturbing images and videos,weapons,hitmens for killing people,blackhat hackers for hire.

If you want these things whole links are in here:

Warning:But plz be careful while going to deep web because it may make you're life worse because I go to it once a day for seeing new things like stage of deep web which people talk but everyday I see more worse things.If anything happens to you I am not responsible because I did this post only because I saw many people writing "How to access deep web" and guys this is end of this written tutorial. please forgive me if I made any mistake I will certainly learn from it and make better tutorial.

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Pretty much good, but there are more things that it needs.
First of all, tor isn't the only thing that has darknet. And you must introduce darknet here.
Then you should include details about how these things work.
Then you can have a great tutorial. Good language also counts, but I believe you know that already.

-The Joker

Thank Joker for you're suggestion and I will use it in another tutorial but forgive me because it is my first tutorial.

I agree with Joker, more things should have been added, like precautions and maybe a very brief overview of what you will find, and additional info such as many people say that Dark Net only takes up a small part of the hidden internet, and the rest is The Deep Web which will be 'even worse' parts of the internet. Personally I think it's the same only two different names, however nice tutorial

Good first tutorial. I little more detail and editing and your next one will be even better!

Thank you so much TYPOGUY and Camero I will certainly make better in another post.

Edited and given more detail as possible.

Good to see that. Now it is more informative.
I wish I could do some minor punctuation changes to your post myself.
Still, you've done a great work.

-The Joker

Thank you JOKER for appreciating my changes and edits and I will certainly be careful to your point like punctuation.

Now that I think of it, you should also add that creating links in deep web is anonymous and free, and a simple method to do so. In Orbot it was straight in the settings, though I couldn't connect it due to some problems. There is also this thing that the links are hosted personally on your system. It might seem that it is not needed, but adding it can make your article an intro to using deep web on Null Byte.

-The Joker

"Warning:But plz be careful while going to deep web because it may make you're life ..."

that so true. Be sure about what you are looking for. You can see things that you shouldn't.

It is true, however many things on the deep web can't be completely confirmed to be a legit service, because of the simple reason that anyone with the know-how can setup a hidden service and put a description of X service.

However since few years back law enforcement and PD were able to get rid of about 50% of the deep web, however they could not prove it for sure, which is definitely something that raises the possibility of these websites being legit.

Here's some fresh news on Tor.
Actually it's about something that happened more than one year ago, but still interesting.

surface web is just about 5-10% of all internet
Deep Web is the other 95-90%

We don't have to confuse darknet with deep web. Deep Web is the net that cant be accesible using surface web search engines like google, bing, or yahoo; darknet is the web used for crimes. The difference here is darknet is part of the deep web,but deep web is not part of the darknet, cause there are other things too like DARPA, NASA or other agencies researches, scientific documents, html documents that are not on the surface web, and pages that normal search engines simply dont or cant index, etc.

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