Advice from Typo: Mastering CMD Like a Real Hacker, Part 1 (Colors)

Mastering CMD Like a Real Hacker, Part 1 (Colors)

Another series I am now starting, might have to slow down on all of these series, but why tf not.

What Is CMD?

CMD is short for Command Prompt

Basically what CMD is, is that it is a tool that can perform countless of tasks It can also work with Admin privileges, which in my opinion, is where it works best. Because it doesnt need permission obviously.

You can use it to delete files, create files, add root users, or in this case, admin users and much more, so lets start.

What Will Typo Cover in This Series?

I will be covering a lot in this series, since the average PC user doesnt know about the many features CMD have to offer. Also, there are some very powerful tools in CMD you can use to really piss off a mate of yours who just did something rude to you ;)

I will list some of the areas I know as of right now that i'll be covering

Colors in CMD (obviously, since that is this one duh)

Deleting files in CMD

Deleting & Formatting drives in CMD

Creating folders & documents in CMD

Adding admin users in CMD

and more.

So if you are excited, definitely return for the future of this series, I am very excited.

Colors in CMD:

I will start out easy and show you some basic commands you might not know about. First you can actually color the all of the font text in CMD. Really? Yes.

now open CMD, preferably with admin privileges.

Type = color l

This will display a bunch of colors you can choose. I believe there are 14 different colors, from the numbers 0-9 and letters A-F

To choose for example the color green, we would simply type this

color a

and then it will change instantly. However this action right here is not permanent, it will revert back to its original color once you close the CMD and re-open it.

If you want to change you're CMD color permanently, you have to right click next to the command prompt text in the top left corner, and click properties, there you can configure lots of colors also.

Now, if you want a color that has a letter instead of a number, it is the exact same process, just replace the 'l' with the letter that CMD has displayed.


This was a very short article, but there are not more to cover in this section, because changing font colors in CMD are very easy, and can be done in 2 ways.

Hope I will see you for part 2.

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You forgot about that you can change background color with the 2nd letter-number.

I prefer Color 02 (Green) over Color A (Light Green) as I find the neon green too hard on the eyes, but still really cool.

"But we are hackers and hackers have black terminals with green font colors!"

Heh... I agree with r4d0n86, but nice first tutorial Typo. :)

If I wanted to try to start hacking, where could I find a command prompt on my mac?

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