Hello and welcome to my article. I have made this article for anyone who wants to become a hacker, and wants to know how to get started.


As you'll get further into the hacking community, and learn more about how it's all put together, you'll also realize very quickly that there's is no step-by-step tutorial. No book on how to this and that. Hacking is knowledge, skill and persistence. You need to know a lot of things at the same time. You have to practice all your techniques and keep up with your knowledge so you not only will remember what you know, but also learn more. So this is just a quick intro to the guide, I could go on about what else you need to know but let's move on.


As I explained above, I can't link you a YouTube video or a PDF file with the tutorial on how to hack a Facebook account. Or how to DDoS your friend and so on. What I can give you is some guidance on where to look in order to gain your knowledge.

First things first, you HAVE to READ A LOT OF ARTICLES. (Notice it's in caps). Because it is crucial. Reading articles DAILY on everything related to hacking and computers in general, will let you on the path to become a good hacker very fast. Unlike all those newbie hackers asking several questions on hacking forums on "how do I hack?" "Where can I find hacking programs?" and many more stupid questions. So just read, try it out, and combine it with your own knowledge.


Yes, there are "types" of hackers. According to white-hat hackers, the term "hackers" is often misunderstood in the community. People think hackers are the ones who take down big companies, hack into systems, DDoSing, installing malware on your computer. When in reality, all these are crackers. Crackers are the ones who actually hack into things with evil intentions. So there are 3 types of hackers.

White-hat hackers: They are the "good guys". They get permission from a company to hack into their system and look for loopholes that black-hat hackers can use to their advantage. They create free software to help others out, and they usually have the good intentions with hacking.

Grey-hat hackers: They are basically a mixture of black-hat and white-hat. They can help you out, but probably for illegal reasons, or for money or similar. Their intentions are often a mixture. They can hack into systems without permission (illegal) and then tell the owner of the company what is wrong with their system. So they're a mix pretty much.

Black-hat hackers: Stay away from black-hat. They have no sympathy whatsoever. They are willing to do the worst things with hacking. Hack governments and leak sensitive information. Hack into systems and create a backdoor so they can access it at all times. Their intentions are always for evil purposes. So be aware for these types of hackers. Because you won't see them coming.


Yup. There are requirements. First thing first. You need reasonable good computer to hack. At least i5 processor, 8GB RAM. A LOT of HDD.

Then you need to know a lot about computers and how they work will always be a benefit. As long as you know a little about PC's its fine.

Then remember to become a hacker, you need to be smart. Would you download a file from an untrusted website on your dad's computer? No, then don't do it on your hacking computer. Know how to protect yourself from malicious programs in general. You need to have a lot of time, put in effort, and have PATIENCE. YOU DON'T BECOME A HACKER OVERNIGHT!

It is a MUST to learn at least 1-2 programming language. Make sure you pick the right one suited for you. If you don't know how to program, you won't understand how certain programs and hacking methods work etc. Programming will give you an understanding, and the ability to create YOUR OWN software AND give you the "power" to become a better hacker. You can write your own exploits (Ruby), write your own scripts and so on.


I want to point this topic out again because it is so dangerous. If you accidentally download malicious malware or have no clue that a hacker successfully planted a RAT or a keylogger on your computer, you are screwed. Know what you are downloading. Make sure there is HTTPS in the URL. The "S" means the website is encrypted. DON'T download from untrusted sources. And there is NO such thing as a "hacker pack" or anything like that. If someone tries to sell or just give you a "hacker pack", DON'T download it. There is most likely a Trojan or a virus in it.

DO's and DON'T's:

DON'T be that newbie guy on hacking forums that asks stupid questions. Don't download possible malware. Learn some programming language. Make sure you are ANONYMOUS. The most powerful tool a hacker can have, is his anonymity. It gives him the ability to hack people or companies without them seeing you coming.

Know the consequences of what you are doing. Know the consequences of a successful attack, and a failed one. UNDERSTAND what you are doing, otherwise you can't develop your methods and techniques, and you can't add knowledge to your brain.


Now to my favorite section. Anonymity is the most important thing as a hacker. If you don't have this 100% in place, you will then get a new room called a jail cell. And you most likely won't get out depending on what you did.

There are a lot of ways to stay hidden on the Internet. Which also makes it a tad difficult because it will then be easier to make ONE mistake. Use TOR. TOR is an anonymous web browser that gives you an IP address and lets you surf the web anonymously. Tor was used by the military until hackers got their hands on it. DON'T access your emails or any real identity stuff through TOR. The purpose of using this browser is to stay anonymous, so why access your real identity through it? TOR is not SUPER SAFE. It doesn't provide end-to-end encryption, which means anyone with the know how to perform a man in the middle attack, can see what data is being transferred, which puts you in danger. He can't see where it's coming from or where it's going though. But still, he has a possibility to find out with enough knowledge.

I2P is safer than TOR. It provides end-to-end encryption and its security basically was developed from where TOR left off. Tails lets you surf the internet COMPLETELY anonymously. It leaves no trails on your computer, and it uses TOR to access the internet. Create an anonymous email and use STRONG passwords. And ALWAYS keep backup files of your stuff, just in case.

Buying things with your anonymous ID is fine, as long as you do it ANONYMOUSLY. To do this, Bitcoin is your friend. But is quite complicated, because to purchase bitcoins you need to do it anonymously, and NOT with your real credit card obviously. I won't cover this part of how to purchase stuff anonymously.


A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It creates a tunnel from your computer to the internet, and lets you surf the internet anonymously. The tunnel is encrypted so it's safe for any intruders. Use VPN as it is up to date and is the most used way to stay hidden. A proxy is a server that is its own tunnel sort of speak. It is very similar to a VPN but proxies are out of date now, and I doubt you will find any useful and working proxy server today. If you do, it most likely won't provide encryption and isn't safe to use. So use a VPN.


Because I am generous today, and want you to become a good hacker as fast as possible, I will provide you some good links that you can use to get started. Trust me, it will safe you A LOT of re-search, so take them to use! (Forum to read and ask questions) (Forum to read and ask questions) (A coding academy) (selfexplanatory) (Hacking news) (Good download site) (Good download site) (BEST place to learn and provide your knowledge)


DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service Attack.

You send a ton of packets to a server until it can't process all those packets, leaving it no choice but to crash, or at least slow down A LOT.

A RAT means; Remote Administration Tool OR Remote Administration Trojan. A RAT is very powerful for a hacker, and super vulnerable to the victim. A RAT can give the hacker so many possibilities to hurt the victim. Such as; Screenshot capture, monitor keystrokes, download/modify/delete files, record with webcam, send pop-up messages, kill the task manager, download virus and malware without the user knowing, and so much more.

A Keylogger is a little bit similar to a RAT. Only it doesn't provide many options, it can only monitor every single keystroke and send it to the email that the hacker told it to. And then the hacker can access the victim's personal accounts and possibly steal his/her identity.

You can learn a lot more expressions by keep reading about hacking.


To give you an overview of some programming languages here below, I have listed a brief description of what they are, and can do.

SQL is Structured Query Language and is used to modify databases. If you want to learn how to pull valuable information from databases, then learn SQL.

Ruby is an exploitation language, and is the go-to language if you want to write your own exploits. It is very useful, so don't hesitate.

HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language and is a web application language. Anything web related HTML is where you should start. It is also used for Phishing attacks.

PERL is the best text manipulation language. You can implement it in several programming languages, and is definitely useful.

Python is close to a must language to learn as a lot of hacking scripts are scripted in python. And even just learning the basics can benefit you so much.

C/C++ is probably the most advanced language to learn. It's hardcore and you shouldn't start out with this as it is NOT for beginners. Open up your control panel and you see all those programs that has "C++" next to it? Exactly, that's what they are coded in, and if you delete those programs, say goodbye to your computer.

Java another web application language which is useful to learn if you are in that area of hacking or just programming in general. I2P is scripted in Java so to run I2P you need Java installed.

PHP is also quite useful for web applications as it can be implemented in web languages. I'm not quite sure what it does but you can read an article on it.


Remember, hacking is skill, knowledge, and persistence. No tutorial on it. You need to know a ton of shit at the same time. Stay anonymous and don't get in jail. Hackers are supposed to help each other, so share your knowledge as it will benefit you both. Don't need to tell each other exactly how you do this and that, but an overview is fine.

Before you start this "journey", sit down and ask yourself, "What do I want to accomplish as a hacker?" decide what direction you want to go in. Set some ground rules for yourself, and possibly your partner if you have one, and work as a team. Remember that everything you need to know is ON THE INTERNET. Not in some silly article on a hack forum. (Unless you're lucky and find your answer). But to find your answer, use GOOGLE as it is a very popular search engine, and gets millions of search query's daily, and is a fantastic source to find information. Anything you need to know is on the internet. And your keyboard is your tool to achieve that mission.

I spent a lot of time making this article, so feel free to ask questions if you need to, and remember to stay anonymous, and knowledge is power. Google is your key to your information.


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Good article!
I think it's great to have a place to come on Null Byte if you are just getting started on hacking.

I do disagree though, I don't think that there are any set requirements to become a hacker. Since hacking is not limited to servers and computers, all you have to do is think creatively to hack a system.

None the less, fantastic tut!

Nice article, Core Guy! Welcome to Null Byte!

I'd like to point some things out, though:

There are Linux distros that pretty much fit into the description of "hacker pack", such as Kali.

I don't completely agree with the Black Hat definition. It kinda makes Julian Assange and Edward Snowden part of the bad guys, and I don't feel like they are. But for a general purpose, the definition is pretty accurate.

And I've never coded in it, but as far as I know, PHP is a scripting language for servers. It's what makes webpages dynamic, and it generates HTML pages with content just meant for you. Please correct me if I'm wrong

Cheers :)

Very misleading title. There is no such thing.

All around great, but there are no rules to being hackers... that's the point of a hacker.

Kitten, about PHP, it is a scripting language, but it doesn't generate HTML, because HTML is a whole other language.

You can make .php generate html pages. As far as CMS style without a CMS, We are not so sure about that.

Actually, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

Currently... ;) No more personal home pages... :(

"DON'T be that newbie guy on hacking forums that asks stupid questions."

We encourage asking questions here. If there's something you don't quite understand, then not to ask is stupid.

What we don't encourage is asking questions without doing your own research first.

There's an intrinsic difference.

Being afraid to ask for help because you may be labeled as 'stupid' is the stupidest thing you can ever do, but do your research before you ask, you may find your own answers and never need to ask.

EDIT: A good guide overall, a few things I disagree with, but otherwise great job.


Yeah, I'm not sure this guy knows what we are as a community, or what hacking really is. To be honest with my opinions, Coreguy doesn't seem to have much experience.

To be fair, he brings up a few good points; but a few others I just don't agree with.

A big one is the machine requirement, that's just plain wrong, in my opinion. You can hack with your phone, or even a Chromebook which are both far less powerful machines, the only inherent difference will be the speed at which processes will be carried out.

Also, there is no all-in-one hacking guide; the spectrum is just far too large to cover it all in a single guide.


Hi Core Guy; and welcome to Null Byte.

I agree with pretty much everything that has been said; especially Ghost_ and Cracker Hacker.
You may want to improve the exposition by using bold instead of caps lock.

It's true that hacking is knowledge: practicing every day and following infosec news is the key to always be up to date, to acquire pieces of the puzzle that you just can't find trough good ol' Google.

I usually don't agree with the three types of hackers definition, because everything between falls under gray hat, so that one must be very careful while defining that category.

The downloading thing fits in the "hacking is knowledge" topic: know your tools and the requirements first things first.

To the useful resources, I'd add every security blog you can find on the internet: it's good to see topics from different prospectives.

It's not true that you shouldn't start off with C. In fact, this is some times the first language you learn at specific universities. You just need a very good mentor. I consider C learning one of the most complete experiences out there in terms of programming (ASM eh-eh).

Very good post to share thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate the effort to try and give basics to start off from. Even though some things might be contested, it makes you thing. Teaching makes you think at what you are saying. Teaching is the bes way to learn.

Dammit, wall text again.

"Dammit, wall text again."The Yahoo style guide would disagree. ;-p

At least you are following netiquette and breaking the <p>'s every 2-5 sentences. Keeping it easy on the eyes to read.

Even if u don't wanna learn ( that's just bad lol ) u can still pull out a hack just by having extreme knowledge in maths. Really, if you know maths very well you can easily do it. But there is always a possibility that u won't succeed the first time you do. But just learn a language and most importantly understand Linux systems as its going to be your home base. If you don't understand / don't know how to work in Linux systems then I'd suggest you to learn that first and concentrate on hacking later. For learning that or any other Computer related things visit

Hope it helps ;)

-- C1BR0X

Can I use and be anonymous? Is that proxy safe for anonymity and for hacking?

Best website to learn hacking i love it now i will start hacking thank you nullbyte
If you have new articles plz send me to my email

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