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Hi again this is my second post on nullbyte.

The first one was on how to make a remote screenshot captor, now I will give you a presentation for a project of mine(I have named It Antisocial Engine) that It is not something extraordinary but will help many guys.

It is a growing project that is windows based and my intention is to make some simple tools that they:

1)Will not be on linux

2)Will be straightforward without a hundred of argparse commands

3)From the start to the beggining will guide the user to type whatever It needs

4)It will have mostly social engineering tools and the most important the user will be able after typing some commands to make his own exe files for use them however he wants(social enginering)

For now I have only the screenshot captor that sends screenshots to your gmail(screenie), the remote keylogger that sends key strokes to your gmail also(keylie) and a dictionary attack for gmail(dictator).

As you can see the program is gmail based but this is going to change in the pass of time.

Now I will give you a simple demonstration of these tools and I am waiting your ideas and your feedback.

Step 1: Screenie

We press 1

Image via

When we see screenie we type our gmail user and password and immediately the program makes an exe that when It is clicked by the 'victim' screenshots of his activity are sending to our gmail.

the exe is stored to your hard drive like this:

and the screenshots are sending to your gmail like this:

Step 2: Keyly

The remote keylogger is working like screenie but the only difference is that instead of screenshots It is sending keyboard keys.

Step 3: Dictator

Dictator is for gmail dictionary attack. You only need to enter the gmail account and the path of the text with the passwords(there are many password lists on the web)

Step 4: The End

So that's It If you want I can paste a link with the exe and you can upload It to virus total to check It. And If anyone is interested to contribute I will upload It to github.

And as a proof here is the virus total report for Antisocial Engine:


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I am aware of this but i have a different opinion about this for many reasons.

This looks great, GJ!


Nice idea, but I will not download it without source code :P Sorry.

I know that it is your work, but it's good habit to know what you are downloading on your machine. Specially in that nature.

I fully understand It and this the reason why I didn't put any link for downloading. Maybe in the future If the administrator of the website give me the ok I will add a link but for now I will just put the source code on a gist.

Looks really nice and good but why do you want these program primary for windows machine? and not for linux?

I love linux and I am working on linux but there are many tools already in linux distributions so there is no need of making such a tool for this os..

In the other hand windows don't have this kind of tools and those that already exist are poor.

No place to get a copy of the source?

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