Batch Basics: Understanding the Windows Command Line, Part 0 (Introduction)

Understanding the Windows Command Line, Part 0 (Introduction)

Welcome, everyone!

While Linux distributions are almost always used for exploits, security, pentesting and other stuff covered in Null Byte, knowing the Windows Command Line (or Command Prompt) is a useful skill that can help you in various ways, such as using exploit programs made for Windows or using the command line on someone else's Windows computer.

Unfortunately, there are very few tutorials online that explain the Windows command line or instruct novices in the workings of the command line.

In this series, I will try to cover the basics of the Windows command line, such as:

  • Echoing and Looping
  • Making directories and files
  • Creating dummy files
  • Variables
  • Randomising
  • If Statements
  • Read/Write to files
  • Cecho (a Command Line extension)

...and much more!

Stay tuned!

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Thanks! I'll be posting every 3-4 days hopefully :)

Realy looking forward to this.

I have been using Windows my whole life, but despite being an IT trainee just before the final exams, my knowledge on the Windows command line is rather limited.

In school, we learnt many things on the linux shell, but almost nothing about the Windows cmd.

Thanks in advance for this HowTo-series

Interesting to get into more windows stuff too.
Good idea looking forward.

thanks for all your work, and yeah it's necessary to have some basic knowlegde about this.

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