How To: Become Anonymous & Browse the Internet Safely

Become Anonymous & Browse the Internet Safely

We all know about PRISM. The Surveillance Program allowing the U.S Government to access private user information. Such as, Google Searches, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Private Images, and other private user data. "Hiding" yourself can be very difficult, but it is possible. I'm here to show you How to Become Anonymous & Browse the Internet Safely.

Step 1: Deleting Old Email & Social Accounts.

Removing your real identity from social media sites and website databases is important when keeping your real identity Anonymous. If that is not possible (for instance, email accounts or other) change the name of said account to a random name, thus making it seem like a different person. (If your email is something like: "" then deleting the account would be better for you)

Step 2: Worry Free Site Browsing

Using a normal browser such as, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others won't work in terms of staying anonymous. These browsers don't encrypt the users data, leaving it open to phishers and keyloggers. If you want to stay anonymous, then you need to download Tor. Tor allows full privacy and encryption. It has many features, some include,

  • Automatic IP Changing (allowing you to make accounts without being traced)
  • NoScript (disallows certain "suspicious" scripts and cookies from showing and saving your data)
  • Anonymous Networking (allowing encrypted browsing)
  • and many more...

Tor also includes a cracked version of Mozilla Firefox, all plugins included. The downside to Tor is that, it disables mandatory plugins such as, Flash, Java, and other important scripts. These can be re-enabled by installing them manually in the Tor Directory.

Step 3: Precautions for Signing Up on Website's

If you're like me and like to use sites like, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter, and others, then you'll need to use a Fake Name, Fake Date of Birth, and Fake Profile icon. These factors are the most important when masking your real identity. Using your creativity can benefit you most of the time, but if you can't think of a Name, Username or Password then Name Generators can do the trick. Websites like:
Date Time Value Generator
Filecrop's usernames.txt list

All of these can benefit you when making a new Email, YouTube Account, Twitter, or even Facebook.

Please Note

Use these tips in line of other tips such as, Encrypting your files, passwords and others.

P.S This was my first post here so please be gentle with criticism.

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