How to Become Anonymous Part 1: Avoid IP Leaks for the Anonymity Sake

Avoid IP Leaks for the Anonymity Sake

Welcome everyone

Today i will show you a simple but very useful way to stop your ip leaks . In order to stay anonymous on the web you HAVE to do this.

-Web Browser Firefox or Iceweasel
In Google Chrome you will have to add an extension called WebRTC Leak Prevent(it will do everything without the need of further set up or changes)

Let's start!!

First start your Kali machine and open iceweasel and go to or (no image for obvious reasons)

As you can see it can find your local IPv4 (Your local ip address basically)
This means that your system is leaking WebRTC requests
The WebRTC connection is (basically) a protocol that allows websites to find your local we don't want that.

Open a new page in iceweasel and in the address bar type about:config:

Click on "I'll be careful, I promise" and now search "media.peerconnection.enabled" and double click on it (it has to be false) like this:

Now go back to or and you will no longer see your ip because there's no leak.

And that's it for now...This was the first part of the "How to Become Anonymous online" series
If you would like more let me know

Thanks for reading


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This is not the only way, and you can disable WebRTC in Chrome. You can disable it via add-on WebRTC on Chrome or Firefox add-on too.

Thanks ...I forgot to mention it

Excited for this series! Thanks!

You're welcome!

thanks!...I added it

Great stuff, new and advanced material that I think everyone can benefit from


I Added the Chrome extension and nothing's changed.
My IP is still showen..

I don't know what to tell you since I don't use chrome on my Parrot OS
Sorry :(

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