How to Become Anonymous Part 2: Tails: The OS Made for Anonymity

Tails: The OS Made for Anonymity

Welcome everyone to the second part of the How To Become Anonymous online series.

Today I will (briefly) introduce you to what has been defined "The most secure OS" : Tails a Debian based OS. (Official website:

Now I know that there is already a forum on this site about Tails but i decided to review it in a more technical way...


The benefits of using Tails over other OS are :
1)It only operates in Live Mode so it doesn't use any SWAP area ( = no trace of its existence)
2)It encrypts your documents and emails with the Facto OpenPGP
3)It forces every site( that supports it) to use HTTPS with the HTTPS everywhere add-on In Firefox
4) The whole system is under TOR
5)Protects your Instant Messages with OTR (a tool that provides encryption)
6)If you are in a public place then it allows you to switch to Windows XP or 8 mode
7)It comes already packaged with some media apps and LibreOffice


1) it doesn't have any hacking tool...this means that you will have to install them by yourself
2)TOR is often slow and Tails was for sure not built to be fast


The features that this OS provides are awesome right?
Well what if i told that it can be even better?
For example by using VPNs, proxies and macchanger etc...

That's it for now , stay tuned for more small "tips" like this one

Thanks for reading


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Have you tested the anonymity of tails?

What do you mean?
I tested it once only and i found it ...working...nothing more , nothing does what it says

Have you tested to make certain this is actually secure or are you just trusting what you read?

i tested it...everything I write about has been tested

Tails is an Idea. Too bad it has the same vulnerabilities as other Debian OS's. I see DSA's all the time with package(s) Tails uses.

init 6

You're right but what are you gonna do about that?
I don't know what we would be using if there wasn't Debian...

How hard is it to Frankenstein a Linux flavor?

What do you mean with Frankestein a Linux Flavor????

CYBER means to make a linux distribution different from all the others I believe. There is a lot of different distro's out there, but at the base they use a lot of the same programs which don't change throughout the distribution family either.

Tails is not the most secure OS ever. Second, the HTTPS everywhere does not make a webserver run HTTPS. The HTTPS addon enables HTTPS on servers that support it. If a server does not support HTTPS it can't do this.

I sadly do not really believe you have tested this out. I am sorry. You're most likely talking about the TAILS OS because someone online told you about it.

The most secured OS online would most likely be Arch Linux. You literally make your own OS with it. It doesn't even come with a graphical install, because you make the OS yourself. (I know almost every OS comes with a graphical install, unless it is a server, but Arch is different)

1)You didn't read carefully the intro maybe clearly says "what has been defined" so not by me

2)You are both wrong and right...i am not talking about security but anonymity so...that's my bad, i will change the title

3) you're right about's just that i didn't test that particular function until now sorry

BTW thanks for correcting me ! Since i am not yet a pro hacker i like to be corrected and learn new things

I don't think FiXeR is lying when he says he hasn't tested it, I just don't think they have tested it the way it should be. Like they booted it up and it worked fine, but what OTW and the others mean is you should do something like set up a virtual boot of Tails and pen test it to see if it holds up to what it boasts

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