How To: Become an In-Demand Web Developer with This 11-Course Bundle

Become an In-Demand Web Developer with This 11-Course Bundle

The web development landscape has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Both aspiring and seasoned developers now need to know a wide range of programming languages and platforms to create truly pro-level sites from scratch, and continuing education is vital if you want to stay ahead of the curve and be competitive in this increasingly popular and lucrative field.

Still, you don't need to invest an exorbitant amount of time or money to get the skills you need to build great sites from the comfort of your own home. The 2020 Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle will get you up to speed with the most in-demand coding languages and tools in the industry, and it's on sale for over 95% off at just $39.99.

Ideal for both beginners and more advanced developers looking to expand their skill set, this extensive training bundle comes with over 69 hours of detailed content that will teach you about Java, HTML, APIs, and much more.

Each of the 11 courses in the bundle starts with an introduction to the programming language or development methodology in question. By the time you're done, you will have learned how to create responsive pages using HTML, how to integrate CSS and JavaScript into your builds to craft mobile-friendly websites, how to incorporate animations and design transformations into your pages, and more.

There's also extensive instruction that focuses on how to create a truly immersive and engaging user experience regardless of whether you're trying to promote a brand or sell a product, and you'll even have access to an entire 94-lecture course that covers Python — arguably one of the world's most popular and powerful programming languages.

Kickstart or further a career in web development with the 2020 Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle while it's available for just $39.99 — over 95% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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