Become an Elite Hacker, Part 1: Getting Started

Getting Started

Who am I?

First let me introduce myself. I am Th3skYf0x, an -well lets call it

experienced- hacker and i recently found this site and right after that i found this Null Byte "world" soo i thought... Why not teaching instead of doing nothing with my knowledge. Let me get one thing clear, i am not the best hacker in the world and will probably never be that. But i can always share my experiences.

Getting started.

Now let's get started. What does every hacker need to have?
=> A good hacker-name
=> A good OS (Operating System)
=> A good "virtual Age"

Step 1: A Good Hacker-Name/Alias

As EVERY hacker has an alias you will definitely need one and preferably a cool looking one :-)
Let's start by looking at my name: Th3skYf0x. Its basically contains three words.

Pronounced as "The".

I choose this because skYf0x was already being used by some dude on an anarchy site (Just google skYf0x). We don't want to see people getting the wrong idea right?!


If you ever watched a single cycle race (preferably the "Tour de France" you'll se that the team called "Sky" always wins! ;-)

I like the fact that foxes are very smart and cool animals thats why i choose to use the fox in my alias

Your alias

To create you'r own hacker name you gonna have to use a bit of common sense. Be original! use a combination of upper/lower case and numbers.

Quick tip! google you'r name first and then decide if you still want to keep it

Step 2: A Good OS

If you think that you are only able to hack on linux based operating systems then you couldn't be more wrong! With the right tools and skill, a windows desktop can be as dangerous as a linux desktop.

So choose wisely my fellow hackers!

Quick tip! if you'r running on windows and you know how everything works and know about virtual machines stay on windows.

Operating systems
Windows based:
> Windows 7 +
> Windows vista -
> Windows XP +

Mac based:
> Mac OS X (I have NO experience with apple whatsoever) ?

Linux based:
> Ubuntu +
> Backtrack+
> Kali Linux +
> Opensuse -
> Debian -
> Bugtraq +

Choose you'r OS yourself Don't let other people decides what's the best OS for you!

Step 3: A Good "VIrtual Age"

If you want to become a "good" hacker then you need to act as one!
some things like proper use of grammer and emoticons are important.


Well thats really easy. we are not 10 years old anymore and you shouldn't see hacking as a joke. Its more some kind of art form. In order to learn something here you'll need to be quiet.

My Next "How To"

I will start of slowly doing some easy hacks. Then after some time has passed i will start doing more advanced hacking tutorials.

Good luck my fellow hackerians!

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am impressed....
continue the good work....

p.s:can u plz help me to install kali linux on a USB drive......its just not happening with UNetbootin or Win 32 disk imager....i'm a rookie ...plz help

Bro, Im Mr.haxxor/c0d3H4xXor
You Can Do it by Flashing the ISO file on your FlashDrive
You need 4gb Flashdrive For This,
After you Burn The ISO,
Plug your Flashdrive your to your Computer and Reboot it then Boot your Flashdrive into your PC.
Then choose Graphical Install.
And Go For it. :D

Sorry For Late Reply. Its been 2 years.

What an absolutely ridiculous article.
How to be an Elite script kiddie...

Elite script kiddie? Hmm this is just a fun start to become better at some aspects of hacking. To interest people into becoming a GH you'll first need to write an introduction. No offense here but if you don't like it don't comment! Have a nice day Sir

I agree with most of the ideas you've put in this article, although I've never used a nickname like that myself. I like the emphasis on choosing the operating system that's good for you, but like you said, grammar is important and the same applies for writing articles. It will be interesting to see how this series progresses.

Thank you very much! I will try to create interesting articles both for n00bs and for the somewhat experienced hacker

I have to STRONGLY disagree about choosing your own OS. 98% of the hacking tools are written for Linux. If you use Windows, your capabilities are very limited. In addition, all of the hacking distributions (BackTrack, Kali, etc.) are ALL Linux based. If you aren't using Linux, you aren't really a hacker.

That's true but let's face it. An expert on windows can perform almost the same tricks and hacks as an Linux user. The only problem is that it will take a lot of (precious) time. But still you'r right Linux is and will always be the best hacking OS

Linux is a lot more secure and far better when used for hacking, but for the new script kiddie, a simpler operating system could make learning much easier.


Once again, I have to disagree. There is SO much more that can be done in Linux than in Windows. There really is no comparison. Any one using Windows to hack is simply a script kiddie.

I strongly believe that basic Linux skills are essential to become a true hacker. There are so many script kiddies who will never become hackers because they won't take the time to learn Linux. As a result, they will be damned to spend their lives as script kiddies.

Well, Linux is the best OS to work with when you'r doing "Dark stuff" but i think that you need to understand the basics as well and i learned the basics of scripting/hacking on a windows machine. After a period of time i realized that Linux offers way more security than the UAC from windows but starting with Linux a a total n00b is hard. That's why i suggest to start on windows and learn the power of the console and after that switch to Linux (on a virtual machine or other partition)

OTW do you happen to know how it works for mac users. Do they have tools and stuff. Because i have absolutely no clue?...

Mac OS has a standard unix install, based on BSD. You have python, ruby, etc., and almost every shell I ever heard of, pre-installed. Pretty much anything you can do with a Linux box, you can do on a Mac. Except it's prettier.

Various tools, such as nmap, wireshark, john the ripper, aircrack, etc., are easily downloaded, compiled, and installed with ports or fink. Mac OS also comes with a developer package which you can install if you like, so you have access to all those tools.

It really has the benefits of both worlds.

Thanks, I'm not into the mac scene. But it's pretty clear now!

contributing is always good...

thanks, but where is the part 2?

Hye dude, I not saying that I am a good hackers here, but I need to ask a question because I think that we are hacker and we are sharing. Right.

I can see my owg ip address even through I am using a tor or expensive vpn, but I still can see(trace) my own Ip Address. I know this sound idiot, but, do you have any idea how to make an ip address gone just like no ip address. I just have this, but it not good enough. So, reply this if you have an advice.

Nice article..

ok so im a beginner, and im wondering where i need to start. i have kali linux but i want to be able to use kali and wndows, since im a little more comfortable with windows to start with but i know how to use a little bit of kali, so what are the basics and where should i start assumming i dont know much about any of this?


Welcome to Null Byte!

I recommend you start with my series "Linux for the Aspiring Hacker".


OTW. Can one still learn trough your "Linux for the Aspiring Hacker" series with Kali installed even though you were using BT...or do you have a new tutorial based on Kali? thx

Yes you can still learn from that series. The only thing that may be different is path names and small things like that. But within the first few tutorials you will be able to locate what you need in your linux distribution with the knowledge he gives you.

hey man great article well i am completely noob and could you provide me links where you posted about facebook hacks please thankyou!

where is part 2???

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