Become an Elite Hacker, Part 3: Easy DDOS


Welcome back my fellow hackerians, Today i'm going to tell a bit more about the famous DDOS thing. And on top of that we're going to DDOS a website.

What is DDOS?

Distributed denial-of-service attack, or just DDOS for short. Let me start with just one computer and a bank site. When you connect packages are send form the server to you'r computer. You might experienced a effect which looks like a DDOS before. When a lot of people connect to that same bank page, a lot of packages need to be sent. That creates the DDOS effect. On a certain moment there are just to many packages to sent and the server becomes unreachable.

The DDOS effect means that the website you'r trying to visit is either running slow or unreachable.

Step 1: Slowloris

Today we're DDOS-ing a website using SLowloris. Slowloris is a DDOS tool and is easy to use. If you're running backtrack/kali then you've probably got Slowloris pre-installed. if not go to this page and download it. Get to the directory where you saved the file and run this command:

That will show you this screen:

Step 2: Using SlowLoris

Now we only need to actually use SlowLoris. Well that's easy, just enter the following command:
perl -dns []
If you want more information just enter this command:

A Final Note

Of course SlowLoris is not the only DDOS tool. However Slowloris is a great tool for a DDOS attack and is easy to use. Good luck my fellow hackers.


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Well, for a good DDOS you'll need a lot more people using SlowLoris at the same time. However this command is the only command you'll need.


No Problem!


very well

What if i executed this tool on many tty's on the same machine ,would it make the same effect as if i executed it once ?!

If I used this command on let's say about 20 laptops, would I be able to shutdown a big site like Facebook or Youtube, or are their servers too strong?


welcome to Null Byte! Glad you found us.

The big websites like Facebook and YouTube use many, many servers and load balancing and load throttling. There is NO way that 20 laptops attempting a DDoS could take them down. If that were the case, they would be susceptible to DoS attacks daily.

To take down sites of this scale, you would need 100,000 - 1,000,000 machines. Maybe a botnet with that many systems could take them down, but certainly not 20.

On the other hand, smaller websites that are hosted internally would be vulnerable. I have seen large corporations websites taken down with 20 systems running DoS tools.


If i do Ddos attack, can i use proxychains?? If not, what can i do to cover My identity?


Since you don't need a TCP connection, simply spoof your IP.


can i have the same results with hping3?
wich is better for DDOS?


Slowloris technically is not a ddos tool but a dos tool. It simply simply sends a flood of SYN packets to the IP address. This can be done with many different tools with equal success.


thanks a lot for your omnipresence at my questions!

It's not working for me. It says that it sent 0 packages...

What if u want to does a PC at home ... I can't get to dos myself ...can I dos my connection via mobile phone

dos is not hacking . .

So if i perform this and replacing the site with ip address of my friend..what would happen to my friend? Would his computer be affected or his internet speed or what?

LOL this is n00b. This is not DDoS, just DoS. DDoS invoves a lot (usually at least hundreds) of people doin it at once. And it is better to code your own tool than this.

True.. :p But good for a start.. :3

Bro, Know any other apps to attack with DDOS, Im having trouble with the above software

Hey bro, It doesn't work Bigsite(like yahoo,bing,google)

hey, I think the link to download slow loris is being ddosed right now. any alternate links??

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