How To: This Best-Selling Web Development Training Is on Sale for $12

This Best-Selling Web Development Training Is on Sale for $12

Those of us who've taken the time to learn how to code are relatively well-suited for shakeups in the economy. Despite the recent and notable disruptions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for talented and trained programmers and developers is still high, and it will likely keep rising as companies in every industry adapt their business models to a more remote world.

But being a developer can mean many things, and not all coding and development pros share the same opportunities or paychecks. Sought after by a growing number of companies ranging from small startups to large-scale Google subsidiaries, web developers can command top salaries and navigate the most exciting opportunities, and the Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 will teach you how to join their lucrative ranks for just $11.99.

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Unlike most web development bundles that simply introduce you to a few new programming languages while walking you through the fundamentals of the industry, this extensive training bundle offers a real-world education that revolves around actually building websites and mobile apps from scratch.

Taught by award-winning instructor Rob Percival, this popular training package contains over 280 lectures and 30 hours of content that you'll be able to access 24/7 on all of your devices. You'll even earn a certificate of completion that you can use to bolster your résumé when you're done.

From teaching you about both the basics and more advanced elements of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery to showing you how to make the most of go-to development platforms like WordPress and MySQL, this instruction will help you become an in-demand development pro for a fraction of what you'd pay for a similar in-class education.

There's also detailed instruction that teaches you about the specifics of using Python in web and app development scenarios, PHP integration with HTML, Bootstrap, and APIs — all through training that offers hands-on and real-world examples.

This subscription even comes with free unlimited web hosting for an entire year, meaning you'll be able to host both your test projects and more established sites the moment they're ready to launch.

Whether you're interested in kick-starting a full-fledged career in web development or simply want to earn some cash with a side hustle, the Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 will get you to where you need to be for just $11.99 — over 90% off its usual price today.

Prices are subject to change.

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