How To: Break into Game Development with This $40 Bundle

Break into Game Development with This $40 Bundle

It's a common and unfortunate myth that you need to work in web or app development if you have a knack for coding and design. In fact, more and more development pros are entering the exciting and increasingly lucrative world of game design, thanks to a growing demand for strategy games that can be played on multiple platforms.

The Build a Strategy Game Development Bundle will teach you how to create pro-level strategy games from scratch regardless of your previous experience, and it's on sale today for over 95% off at just $39.99.

With 14 hours of content on everything from basic illustration techniques and mechanics to unit movement mechanisms and beyond, this bundle is your one-stop resource for turning your love of development into a career in game design.

If you're coming to this bundle with little-to-no experience in game development, you'll be able to start small, with a course that walks you through the basic elements of resource management, grid placement, character design, and more.

From there, you'll be ready to move on to more advanced topics that will allow you to bring your characters to life through animation, setup attack scenarios that will have your characters engage in user-directed combat, add unit mechanics to your projects using simple UIs, and much more.

There's also extensive instruction that focusses on the art of creating sweeping and expansive background environments, through lessons that focus on 3D isometric building tactics, time-saving algorithms, and creating illustrations of large-scale populations in a city.

Turn your love of development into an exciting career in game design. Usually priced at nearly $2,000, the Build a Strategy Game Development Bundle is currently available for just $39.99—over 95% off for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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