How To: Break into the World of Electrical Engineering with This Bundle

Break into the World of Electrical Engineering with This Bundle

Tech-savvy programmers and developers usually apply their unique talents exclusively to creating apps and websites — two high-paying and exciting pursuits that can open countless doors and opportunities in multiple fields.

But you can also put these in-demand skills to use in the interconnected worlds of electrical engineering and robotics, and there's never been a better time to enter these fields due to the rising demand for talented engineers who can build everything from advanced circuits to full-functional robots.

The Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle will get you up to speed with the industry's most important tools and methodologies so you can hit the ground running, and right now, the entire training bundle is on sale for 95% off at just $59.99 for a limited time.

With 13 courses and over 360 lessons, this extensive bundle comes loaded with 34 hours of content that will teach you about both the fundamentals and more advanced elements of electrical circuits, machines, power generation, advanced electronics, and much more.

Even if you've never worked with a simple circuit before in your life, you'll quickly learn how to build functional inductors and electrical boards from scratch, how to work with amplifiers and capacitors to bring your projects to life, how to create machines that you can use to automate tasks, and how to work with light current systems in a variety of environments.

There's also extensive instruction that takes a deep dive into high voltage generation principles—an increasingly in-demand subspecialty in the world of electrical engineering.

Get the skills and tools you need to land a high-paying career as an electrical engineer with the Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle for just $59.99 — 95% off its usual price today.

Prices are subject to change.

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