Bugtraq: installation and first steps

installation and first steps

In this "HOW TO" I will show you how to install and mange yourself in bugtraq. You will jave to folllow a couple of videos and then you will know everything that you need on how to install and configure bugtraq.

Step 1: Intallation

Follow the steps on the following video:

Step 2: First Steps || Configuration

This video will show you how to upgrade and update your system:

Now you have bugtraq installed and upgraded in your system.

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is this better than bactrack5?

I personally prefer bugtraq. With backtrack I've had many problems but with bugtraq none of them.
I have to say that bugtraq requires linux knowledge because it has not as much wiki as backtrack.

If you choose any of them I will recommend that you download the ubuntu version( debian is awful for this type of distros).

I hope this helps.


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man some time ago I downloaded bactrack kde version x64 I watched many tutorials and do everything step by step but when I try to install this error is comming and comming if you help me I'll give you all credits that I have ))

Have you install it on a virtual machine? If so, download the version for virtualbox.
Have you tried with gnome? That worked for me. Then, you can change from gnome to kde.
Im don't think this may happen but try to sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade .

If any of these work let me know. I changed to Bugtraq because everything that I tried to do in backtrack didn't work as good as in bugtraq.

Nice Article ROADWALKER. And Welcome to Nullbyte. Have got a Small bunch of Questions.Do Bugtraq have the same tools like Backtrack. Or it have got more. Is kali Better then both of them? Which one of them is Better for a person like me who is new to hacking Environment? & Will you post hacking tutorials on Bugtraq in future?

Waiting for the Response...

Fisrt I am doing a tutorial right now but im going on vacations so I will posted when i arrive. I you are "new" download backtrack 5 r3 ( my favourite is gnome). Bugtraq has more or less the same tools as backtrack. I dont like Kali because is based on debian instead of ubuntu.

I have Downloaded Bugtraq 2 32 bit gnome version directly from there site. After running it in VMbox & selecting the first option i gives me a login. I don't know the username & password. Could you please help ???

Username: bugtraq
Password: 123456

Proud user of bugtraq myself! And yes, this OS is amazing it has all the tools backtrack has. probably even more!

Sorry i was on holiday and i couldn't answer.

Where in the world is better hacking Bugtrack / backtrack>??

how can i active my wireless in bug traq 2 .
i am using Toshiba satellite c850 with realtek 8723ae chipsit

yeah man , how can we connect with wireless , i am using gnome desktop blackwindo version -- plz

I cannot get bugtraq2 to install. Tried all u64 and deb64 versions. Plus a few 32bit versions. After choosing install or safe install, it will sit at a cursor as long as I let it.

My system is an asus essentio cm1730 with 16Gb of ram. Installing to an EVO 850 SSD. Currently I have installed win7, kubuntu 14.04, Kali2, Fedora23, and opensuse Leap 42.1

At a loss to figure out what is going wrong.....

I was able to install each of the versions listed above on virtualbox. Just not on baremetal

there is no option of update manager in bugtraq i installed on vm ware.

(bugtraq-IIbw-d-gnomex64).thats the one i downloaded in form iso. can someone plz help.i tried to update is from terminal but it gives me error in end about some files not updated.

can someone plz help.

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